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Casey Anthony tells all in new Peacock series

Trigger Warning: The following article discusses sexual abuse. 

Casey Anthony is an infamous figure in American culture. Since 2008, Americans banded together, sharing their disgust and anger towards the young mother who was accused of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

A poster for Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies, a limited series documentary that premiered on Peacock on Nov. 29.

Following Anthony’s not-guilty verdict of first-degree murder, she kept a low profile, disappearing from the spotlight as the internet exploded with outrage following the ruling. For the first time in nearly a decade, Anthony breaks her silence in “Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies.” 

In the three-episode Peacock series, Anthony asserts her innocence and gives her side of the story with new details that weren’t shared in her 2008 trial. She addresses her past of lying to authorities, the photos that surfaced of her stint partying while her daughter was allegedly missing and why it took nearly a month before officers were called, following the last day that Caylee was seen. She discusses her father, George Anthony, accusing him of sexually abusing her and her daughter — which she believes consequently led to Caylee’s death.  

Anthony tells us that the final time she saw Caylee was in the arms of her father. Anthony alleges that Caylee was soaking wet, appearing as though she had just drowned. She remembers her father assuring her that everything was going to be okay. Following that night, Caylee was missing for nearly a month before the police were called, spiraling into an investigation with Anthony as the prime suspect. 

The release of the series reminded the public of the outrage and disgust they hold for Anthony. Many are disturbed to see her back in the public eye and disheartened to see that Peacock decided to give her a platform to share her story. Many users on Twitter share their discomfort with the series. 

Anthony sits facing the camera, where she has no creative control, and begins to tell her story. She tells viewers that she turned to therapy in the past decade, and started to make sense of the reaction she was having following the disappearance of her daughter, sharing with viewers her struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Cameras follow Anthony around a rental house, located in an undisclosed city in Florida citing her privacy, giving us a view of who Anthony is today. Following her release in 2011, she has had no contact with her family — no longer receiving the assistance she was once given when she lived in her family home prior to her daughter’s death. In the absence of her family, her defense team helps her find her way for the past decade. 

Immediately following her release, she lived with the lead investigator on her team, Patrick McKenna, who she now works for as a legal assistant. McKenna — who also makes an appearance in the Peacock series — makes many revelations including his own theory on Caylee’s death. He also believes that Casey’s father — George — is to blame, citing Anthony’s sexual abuse allegations.  

“Where the Truth Lies” portrays Anthony as a grief-stricken mother, still unsure about what really happened on the day of her daughter’s death. Revelations are made, and serious accusations are brought to light. But as a viewer, it is difficult to hold any validity to Anthony’s claims, given her track record. But as all of these new allegations and revelations come to light, the tragic death of 2-year-old Caylee still remains with no true answer leading to the end of her life.

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  1. Thoughtful and well written.

  2. Well, there went 3 hours of my life that I will never get back!!! Please remember, she has had 14+ years to get her lies straight. If watched, you will notice that she is extremely vague about the so-called details of Caylee’s murder & makes sure that all of the finger pointing is aimed at her dad. However, she can’t even get those lies straight & contradicts herself. If she talks about something or someone that we know as being the truth, her responses are quick & defensive. Now my question is, if she was seriously sexually abused (which in my opinion she wasn’t) then she needs to file suit against her father & stop using that as a crutch & take responsibility for her actions. I’m saying that with firsthand knowledge of being sexually abused from the early age of 5 and I have raised 2 sons & both of them are still alive. If she believes that it was him that caused Caylee’s death then she should’ve filed a wrongful death suit against him!!! Give it a few more years & she’ll come up with a different version!