Places to go on campus to feel like a music video star

As classes wind down for the semester, final projects, papers and exams are in full swing. It’s probably the most important time of the semester to clear your head and make sure you are in the best mental space for everything going on.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to feel like you are starring in a music video. You know when you’re sitting in a car on a road trip, listening to some indie music, staring out the window and feeling like you’re in a music video? Well, there are a couple places on campus where you can go to match that exact feeling.


The first place is — of course — the MBTA. Whether you’re on a bus or train, as long as you’re sitting down and gazing out the window and listening to music, you’ll feel edgy. Pick a good sad song — I recommend the intro and outros to “All Too Well (10 minute version) (Taylor’s Version)” — and stare at the bodies walking down Commonwealth Ave. to feel introspective. If you want additional edginess, remind yourself that everyone else has their own story, fears and dreams. 

Yawkey Center for Student Services

The next place is in the Yawkey Center for Student Services. More specifically, the top three floors of the building. On one side of the building, there is a beautiful view of the Charles River. On the other side, you can see the hustle of Commonwealth Ave. at Kenmore Square. 

These floors have super comfortable chairs, and it is easy to get distracted by everything happening around you. Because of the stellar views, this is another great place to listen to music, get lost in your surroundings and feel as though you are the center of the world. 

BU Beach

Sit on the picnic chairs and look at the Charles River for a calming experience. When the academic world becomes overwhelming, the cold air can bring you back to life, reminding you there’s an outside world outside of school. This is also a great location after it snows. Obviously, we haven’t gotten any snow yet, but when the first snow comes, the BU Beach provides a place to make snow angels and be the star of your own show. 

Alexa, play “Snow on the Beach” by Taylor Swift.

COM Lawn

The final place is the COM Lawn. What kind of COM student would I be if I didn’t include it? The views of the sunset reflecting off the CCDS building and the MBTA passing by can feel like a movie. With the best songs playing in the background, you can be your own music video star. 

If you’ve ever sunbathed on the COM lawn, you already know how this feels. Again, this is another location that can get chilly, so pack some mittens and earmuffs in your bag, alongside your laptop and study materials for a well-deserved break.

Honestly, anywhere — well, almost anywhere (I’m looking at you CGS) — on BU’s campus can be romanticized if you try hard enough and if you have the right soundtrack. Finding moments during finals season to enjoy smaller things that you actually enjoy about BU will bring a sense of calm and remind you that it’s not all bad.

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