These trendy winter staples are taking BU campus by storm

Welcome to December in Boston!

Haley Alvarez-Lauto | Senior Graphic Artist

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to what feels like -20 degree wind tunnels and seven inches of snow during the harsh winter. How are we supposed to get through this long winter? I gave you fall wardrobe staples, and here are some winter wardrobe staples! 

UGG Shearling Earmuffs

I get the skepticism, I was skeptical at first too. However, earmuffs on a windy day, when it feels like your ears are about to freeze off, are like heaven. The earmuffs have shearling on the outside and fur on the inside, so the fur is protected from the elements. 

There’s a variety of earmuffs to choose from. However, I chose to highlight the UGG earmuffs because they also serve as headphones. They’re Bluetooth headphones, so you can listen to music, keep warm and look cute. What’s not to love? The Bluetooth is at a slightly higher price point, so if you’re just looking for earmuffs, they also have a non-Bluetooth version! 

Platform boots 

These are genuinely a staple to combating hazardous winter weather. They’re a cute way to lift you off the ground enough to prevent water from getting into your shoes and socks. Platform boots also compliment everyone’s body and elongate your legs, which is very flattering. A few cute options are the UGG Neumel Platform Boot and the Doc Marten Jadon boot.  

These are comfortable, sturdy and keep you warm! However, these brands are not rain-safe. A weather-safe option is the Chelsea Hunter boots. There’s a 20% discount for students on the Hunter boot website. 

Aritzia Super Puff jacket

This may seem obvious, but you need a huge winter coat for this weather. However, most winter coats are lacking in the fashion department. The super puff not only claims to warm down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit but also pairs very well with dad jeans, flared leggings or sweats! It’s stylistically versatile and extremely comfortable. 

The fabric is soft and feels like you’re entrapped in a squishy, airy marshmallow. There are a few varieties of the super puff, along with a multitude of color options. Aritzia has the original Super Puff, a vest, a waterproof version, a recycled materials version and the lite version. The lengths can vary from original, mid, long and short. They also have them for men. Compared to Canada Goose and Moncler, they are more affordable by far. The price ranges depending on style and length. You’ll be thanking yourself on the next snow day once you purchase this. 

Leather pants

While these aren’t made to keep you warm, they’re incredibly cute and festive! Truthfully, whenever I wear leather pants, I sweat. They’re insulating and trap heat very well, so while they’re not meant for warmth, they certainly help. They also protect you from the wind and reduce the speed at which you lose body heat. 

The dark leather is also sleek and perfect for the cold, dark ambiance of winter. Leather pants are versatile for every event too. You can wear them to Christmas brunch, going out or to class. Aritzia has a great pair — known as the Melina Pant — in multitudes of colors and styles, and Abercrombie also has them. 

I hope this list helps you all create a warm and stylish winter outfit. Have the coziest December, and happy holidays!

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