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Letter from the Editor: Doing something together

The Daily Free Press, Boston University’s independent student newspaper, is a home for a lot of different types of students. We are a seemingly random group of College of Communication students — advertising majors, film and television, a few minors here and there, and of course, journalism students.

Editor in chief
This semester’s Editor-in-Chief Molly Farrar. CLARE ONG/DFP STAFF

This semester, we were able to expand the editorial board to double the positions. While my managing editor Tanisha Bhat and I worked each night, most of our section editors were able to lean and rely on a partner. We’re still ironing out the kinks, but together, we were able to approach our important work healthier and happier each week.

Now, we’re working on our last print edition, themed “winter.” Tonight feels like a well-oiled machine, but I can’t help but think back on our previous print nights. We started this summer with an unprecedented summer print. I worked alone in my Brookline apartment, waiting on the edition from my hard-working Layout Editor Haley Alvarez-Lauto. I got back a beautiful edition with Co-Photo Editor Clare Ong’s perfect full-page photo, taken from the top of 33 Harry Agganis Way.

I wheeled the wagon full of our Orientation issue each Wednesday in June after my HUB Philosophy class. I saw droves of new students in the George Sherman Union each week, picking up our guide to Boston and an inaugural semester at BU.

When we started this Fall in earnest, I was excited to start strong. Our food edition at the end of the first semester was gorgeous. Co-City editors Bella Ramirez and Casey Choung budgeted West Campus Starbucks’ record-breaking union for the front page, along with Co-Features Editor Ava Berger’s news-breaking story about the seven-year med program coming to an end.

The crossword by College of Fine Arts senior Clara Montes stumped even the best of us, and Co-Features Editor Claire Law edited one of our favorite stories about FitRec wait times. Our digital content also thrived with lifestyle content by Lifestyle Editor Payton Renegar about passing out in FitRec, movie reviews and sex advice columns.

During the semester, Multimedia Editor Sam Betsko spearheaded a revitalization of our social media content. We pulled our Facebook, Reddit and TikTok out of obscurity and began our Daily Free Minute — where we give you today’s news in one minute.

A week after our first late night, we partnered with our affiliate the Boston Hockey Blog, where directors Caroline Fernandez and Belle Fraser compiled Terrier hockey content for their first physical hockey print in years. Co-Sports Editors Brendan Nordstrom and Chloe Patel organized the phenomenal hockey edition, as well as some of the FreeP’s first coverage of rowing and cross country.

In October, Co-Campus Editors Sangmin Song diligently directed Student Government meeting coverage each week, while Co-Campus Editor Talia Lissauer budgeted the coverage of a student vigil for Iranian women at the beginning of the month. Talia’s story on the open letter signed by 170 student clubs to rename Myles Standish Hall also is in this print edition.

Our October music edition, Payton listened to the entire editorial board argue over the songs on Taylor Swift’s new album “Midnights” and wrote a ranking within an hour after it came out. It went to print and was one of our most viewed articles this semester.

Our election night was one of the toughest nights of my life. We had teams at three different watch parties and multiple staff writers putting together a story night-of. We left the office when the sun was rising, but the next day I looked at one of the best editions of the Daily Free Press in years.

Our galleries are always worth a mention. Co-Photo Editor Eliza Nuestro and Clare organized the more emotional and intense photos at the women’s march, climate strikes and the graduate student union. Each edition, our full color pages popped with our gorgeous galleries.

Finally, each week, the editorial board gathered for an editorial, where Opinion Editor Lydia Evans reigned in our crazy to discuss topics ranging from the Try Guys to gun violence to the TikTok industry. Her witty writing and strong editing will shine through next semester when she takes over as editor-in-chief.

Honestly, this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Leading each of these young journalists while also figuring out my own way has been incredible. I’ve learned so much, but more importantly I’ve met some of the best people ever.

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