Six low-cost, high-impact Valentine’s Day gifts

“Ah!” you say, peering at a travel-sized calendar your grandmother bought you for Christmas last year, “It’s Valentine’s day this week! What am I going to do?” 

Like any other holiday, you’ll spend money and act happy about it. Here are six low-cost, high-impact gifts to get your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

Buy them flowers

Luckily, the God of evolution supplied us with enough flowers to last a dozen hallmark holidays. I’d recommend going with roses for Valentine’s Day — they’re sexy and look great. If not roses, you might consider lilies, tulips or orchids.

Lila Baltaxe | Staff Graphic Artist

Buy them chocolate

What other gift can you seductively feed to your partner in bed? Any pharmacy will have some — ideally about 12 different kinds arranged in one of those heart-shaped boxes. And hell, you can even have a few yourself. What this gift lacks in cheesiness, it makes up for in iconic-ness. Your partner will feel like they’re in a ’90s high school movie.

Buy them branded bags at low prices

Looking for a touch of luxury without breaking the bank? Consider exploring the world of second-hand designer bags. While the idea of owning a Birkin might seem out of reach, you’d be surprised at the deals you can find with a bit of digging. Websites like The RealReal or Vestiaire Collective offer authenticated pre-owned designer bags at significantly lower prices than retail. With a bit of luck and patience, you might just stumble upon that coveted second hand birkin at a fraction of its original cost. So, why not treat your loved one to a touch of elegance without the hefty price tag? After all, who wouldn’t appreciate a timeless accessory that speaks volumes about style and sophistication?

Make a collage

We are in the age of the cell phone camera. Go to the library and print out your favorite pictures of your partner (in color, obviously). Then, cut the pictures out and paste them artfully onto a sheet of paper. Your partner will love it. Who doesn’t want to be given pictures of themselves?

Make them dinner

Grab some pasta and sauce from Target and get busy making your partner a home-cooked meal they’ll adore. Light a couple of candles, set the table, play that Al Green and get to having a good night (this is considering you know how to make pasta with red sauce). Even if you don’t have a kitchen yourself, odds are you know somebody who does. 

Visit a museum

With your BU ID, most Boston area museums are either free or reduced in price. Take your partner to contemplate art at the MFA, Harvard Art Museum, Isabella Stuart Gardner or the MIT List Visual Arts Center. Cry at the Van Goghs, tilt your heads at the Picassos and laugh at the Renaissance stuff. 

Write them a letter

What does your partner mean to you? What are some of their best attributes? What caught your eye about them? These are all topics you could espouse in a heartfelt letter to your one and only. Even if you’re awkward and unromantic, I’m fairly certain you can write a good essay (you got into college, after all). Craft the thesis, build out the body paragraphs, form the introduction and pray for a good grade.

If you have no significant other this Valentine’s Day, that’s all right too. I wonder why you read this entire article.


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