Top five presidents with the best style

Politics is boring. All senators and those in Congress do is wear suits and sign bills. Over the years, certain presidents shattered the normalcy of Washington D.C. by serving face with their clothes and style. In honor of President’s Day (one of America’s most treasured holidays,) I’ve compiled a list of the chicest Presidents to have ever graced the oval office with their unique, cutting-edge style. 

Jimmy Carter

Kurt Cobain, who? It’s a beautiful day in any neighborhood when you rock cardigans as Jimmy Carter did. This ex-peanut farmer brought humility, honesty and a laid-back style to our nation’s highest office. Gone were the days of starchy Nixonian suits and dirty politics, in were the days of funky ties, cream-colored blazers and transparency with the media. As President Carter is currently in hospice care, I saw it fit to honor his legacy with a number one spot in this list.

Lila Baltaxe | Graphic Artist

John F. Kennedy

Straight out of the country clubs and ballrooms of well-to-do Massachusetts, Kennedy served our country while also serving a dashing preppy boy look that made all the ladies swoon (notoriously, he even pulled Marilyn Monroe). He took sailing trips, often donning a light blue polo, shorts and nautical sunglasses. His old money style comes straight out of a Lana Del Rey song.  

Harry S. Truman 

Old Give ‘em Hell Harry brought a rural Missourian class to Washington D.C. Truman looked dapper in a three-piece suit, bowtie and exposed handkerchief. He, like Carter, found a dashing style in a nerdy look. He could fit right in with a barbershop quartet.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan waged a far greater war against drab fashion in politics. With his sharp Hollywood fashion sensibilities, his style was anything but laissez-faire. This sharply dressed, wisecracking president even gave fashion encouragement to other world leaders.

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear up that suit!” I believe he said. 

Theodore Roosevelt

Ever the military man, Teddy Roosevelt brought an all-American, wild-west look to the political scene. Whether it be a vest jacket, pocket watch, dashing monocle or cowboy-style hat to top off the look, Teddy always looked ready to wrestle a bear in Yellowstone National Park.

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