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East to West: March 3, 2023

Happy Friday! Today on East to West we cover slow T zones, student government funding requests and more.

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FEATURING: Payton Renegar, Arisha Kasam and Krishna Sreenivasan 

WRITTEN BY: Taylor Hawthorne, Krishna Sreenivasan and Payton Renegar 

EDITED BY: Payton Renegar 

BASED ON DFP PIECES BY: Matthew Eadie, Maya Mitchell and Anna Vidergar 


“Funk Is” by Alexey Anisimov/ via Adobe Stock Asset ID: #564750668

Link: https://stock.adobe.com/search/audio?k=564750668

License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

This episode originally aired March 3, 2023. For a full archive of “East to West,” head to dfpress.co/listen.

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