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Coco and Clair Clair: The duo that brought confidence and coolness to Boston

While standing inside the Sinclair, the crowd couldn’t hold their excitement waiting to hear the pop duo Coco and Clair Clair — two best friends from Atlanta.

Despite the cold evening in Cambridge, fans dressed as the pair’s latest album demands: “Sexy.” Coco and Clair Clair brought their game as well: decked out in grunge outerwear and sunglasses indoors as they came onstage. They captivated the audience, from excitement to calm coolness that engulfed the venue as red and blue ambient lights hit every corner of the room.

Coco & Clair Clair performing.
Coco & Clair Clair performing. The Atlanta duo played in Cambridge on April 9. HAIYI BI/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER

While the crowd was eager to hear Coco and Clair Clair, the opening performances did not disappoint. The first opener delivered an enigmatic performance that included him jumping off-stage and into the crowd to sing with them. Suddenly, I was dancing like the progression of a Tame Impala song. His voice was almost inhuman because it was so autotuned, but somehow it worked with the rhythm. .

The opening setlist concluded by paying homage to “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton, which had the crowd singing to their friends like it was a middle school sleepover.

The next singer’s music combined bedroom hip-hop with a psychedelic rock twist. Grandma’s singing created a catchy melody as the drums and guitar set the rhythm. Some songs, like Blue Atlanta in their latest album Angelhood, had me swaying from side to side and absorbing the light show at the intimate venue, while others had me shaking my head in rebellion. At the end of grandma’s setlist, they pulled out a trumpet that drove the crowd wild.

Then it was time for Coco and Clair Clair. Their black sunglasses couldn’t hide Coco and Clair Clair’s excitement as they were smiling from ear to ear.

Before starting each song, they would interact with the crowd, especially Coco.

“How many people have liked someone ugly here,” Coco said as the audience screamed the name of every ugly person they’ve liked. “Not many people should be screaming about that, guys,” she responded before Clair introduced the song “Pretty.” Later, when Coco started singing “Bitches,” she stopped the music abruptly while the crowd looked confused, and she screamed, “I need you guys to act like you hate some bitches.” The audience’s only response was screams of worship, followed by everyone loudly rapping to the song.

Their interaction with the crowd made me feel like I was friends with them. The duo didn’t need intricate choreography to reach the audience. They used their charm and coolness to keep us engaged.

Meanwhile, their music radiated confidence all over the room. Everyone was definitely feeling sexy, indicative of the album title. The juxtaposition of Coco’s braggy rapping with exceptional delivery and Clair’s dainty singing brought the perfect combination onto the stage.

As “Wishy Washy” came on, the girls kept their calm coolness while the audience went crazy. However, Clair Clair and Coco’s energy came over us as the show continued. We started dancing the same as them, swaying side to side in an unbothered manner. The sound of the speakers and lights were all around us, but no one took their eyes off the girls.

At one point in the show, the duo asked for the disco ball to be turned on as they covered ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” Everyone was swaying their arms from side to side and singing like we were all 17 again. Later on, they also played Dido’s song “White Flag” and asked the audience to turn on their cell phone flashlights. Both homages added a fun mix to the show that even had the staff of the Sinclair dancing. Towards the concert’s end, the girls stepped off-stage seamlessly without saying goodbye.

But, of course, it was fake, and they came back laughing with their encore, “Sims 2.” Coco ended with a rose in her mouth, bowing down to the audience as Clair thanked everyone for coming and hyped us up as being the best crowd yet.

The concert felt like a dream, with the blue lights shining and the ethereal ambiance. Coco and Clair Clair gave more than music to the crowd. They gave us a night away from reality and brought us to a bubble gum and glitter paradise.


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