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Concerned CGS student | Doctor’s Orders

Dear Doctors,

I am a freshman in the College of General Studies (CGS) and I’ve been getting made fun of a lot by other BU students. What can I do to not take it personally?


Luc Ljoka | Graphic Artist


Dear Perplexed,

Being in CGS is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I was a CGS student myself. CGS offers all kinds of great things: 

  • Fulfilling most of your hub credits during your first two years
  • Getting a well-rounded education in multiple subjects
  • Having classes with the same groups so you can make lots of friends
  • Best of all, getting to spend a semester abroad in London during your freshman year! 

Be proud of yourself. At the end of the day, you’re all BU students anyway.

Best Wishes,



Luc Ljoka | Graphic Artist

Dear Perplexed,

I always thought CGS stood for something else. 

The more you know.




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  1. CGS is a badge of honor!
    When I was there in 90-92, it was CBS. Lots of worse nicknames back then.
    Be proud. You’re going to have it SO over your classmates when you matriculate into your Junior year. The lessons you’ll learn in CGS will make your last two years of BU seem like a cakewalk. You got this.
    PS: We didn’t even get a semester abroad when I was there! That rocks for you!

  2. Love this! More Please!