First date | Doctor’s Orders

Dear Doctor,

I have my first date this weekend and I’m super nervous. Any tips?



Luc Ljoka | Graphic Artist

Dear Perplexed,

A first date is a nerve-wracking but exciting experience. 

I recommend the following:

  • Do something nice for them (perhaps you could take them out for a lovely fish dinner or a stroll in the park). Whatever it is, do it with their consent.
  • Ask them about themselves. It gives you a chance to listen and learn.
  • Respect boundaries and take it slow.
  • At the end of the date, make sure they get home safely. 

Best wishes,




Luc Ljoka | Graphic Artist

Dear Perplexed,

When I was in college, they called me “The Ladies Mouse.” If you really want to wow your first date,

take them to the Fenway Dining Hall for the

Tumbleweed Ranch Burger. 



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