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Brittany Broski: Fangirl to ‘That Girl’ | Stop Scrolling

Brittany Broski just gets it.

Brittany became known as “Kombucha Girl” back in 2019 for her viral TikTok where she tried kombucha for the first time. Her following has only grown since then.

Annika Morris | Graphic Artist

I was aware of Brittany at the time because of her boom on social media, but it was not until I listened to her podcast “Violating Community Guidelines” back in 2022 that I happily joined Broski Nation.

Since then, I have followed her on every form of social media and have thoroughly enjoyed her content. Her jokes never miss and she effectively relays the complexity of women’s emotion through her thoughts and sincerity.

Always yelling, Brittany often has a male celebrity crush — right now it is Hozier. She has since met Hozier and envisions their relationship and future home on a farm in Ireland. 

Like most, if not all of her supporters, Brittany was deep in fan culture growing up on the internet. The difference between Brittany and the rest of us is she has now met her idols. She literally is “that girl” —- she has met most of her internet celebrities, most notably Harry Styles. I was proud of her and all the success her career has brought her so far.

Then, she interviewed Hozier, her future boyfriend. Brittany loves to remind everyone that Hozier did not want to leave their interview. 

He’s literally obsessed with her. Although no sources confirm this, I have a sense for these things (I’m delusional). She is also very upfront with her fangirl status, online and to whom she fans. Brittany is just always herself, and her true self is funny. 

As you can tell from my undying and earnest support for Brittany, I enjoy her content. Honestly, everything she posts is hilarious, but her longer content is my favorite. I could easily listen to her speak for hours, and I have no attention span, many sources confirm this. 

That being said, I listen to her new podcast: “The Broski Report.” The podcast debuted in May and the description in the trailer states: “Stay up to date with what Supreme Leader Brittany Broski is currently obsessing over, learning about, crying about, etc.”

My report on “The Broski Report” is that it is relatable, hilarious, insightful and entertaining. If you have a semblance of a funny bone in your body, you will enjoy it. I am a big podcast listener, not in a “I’m bettering myself” kind of way or a Joe Rogan kind of way, but in a fangirl way. 

I love listening to what people have to say and Brittany always has unique opinions and topics that are personalized, always making it a good listen. 

While I prefer listening to podcasts over watching them, I enjoy seeing the clips of Brittany’s  podcast on my TikTok feed. Her set is decorated like a broadcast set, but with a vintage feel. Brittany stays yelling into the void that is “The Broski Report.” 

These are a few quotes from the podcast: 

“Welcome back to another f—ing episode of we’re not passing the Bechdel test.” 

“I’ve got class, I’ve got style, I’ve got ass.” 

“Does anyone have the dopamine vape?” 

Her way with words is inspiring and always makes me smile. I find peace in hearty laughter and incessant screaming. If you’ve ever seen me shamelessly laughing down Commonwealth Avenue, I was probably listening to “The Broski Report.” 

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