A day in the life: Taking a trip to Boston’s Snowport

It hasn’t snowed yet this holiday season, but the City of Boston is hosting its annual holiday market, where Seaport is transformed into “The Holiday Market at Snowport.”

Lila Baltaxe | Senior Graphic Artist

I took a trip the other day to see what all the hype about Snowport was. To say the least, it lived up to my expectations. After a massive tree lighting ceremony, Seaport was completely transformed into a Hallmark-esque holiday village. 

At the front of the market was a full stage, the tree that looked straight out of Dr. Seuss’ Whoville and tons of pop up shops including a Converse store where you could customize your own Boston-themed shoes. 

Around the tree and up to the entrance into the actual holiday market was packed with people visiting. Among the crowd, there were people of all ages, young college students, families and older Boston locals. 

As you walk up to the Snowport entrance there is fake snow blowing and even a Christmas tree lot. My friends and I hadn’t even walked into the actual market and it could not have gotten any more festive. After a short wait in line, we finally walked in. 

The market was lined with decorated booths and vendors, selling everything from hats and scarves to ornaments and even maple syrup. The entire atmosphere was warm and welcoming and was the perfect place to buy gifts for family and friends. Despite the rainy weather, the outdoor holiday market was still packed, and it was very easy to get lost in the crowd. 

Just past the vendors selling handmade crafts, gifts and artwork was a series of food trucks with something for everyone. From arepas to grilled cheese to lobster rolls, there wasn’t a shortage of food and drinks to choose from. In the food truck area, there was also a place to sit down with friends and enjoy the food, which was a nice shelter from the rain. 

As my friends and I strolled from vendor to vendor, it was so nice to see so many local art prints, crafts and products for sale. 

Among the vendors, I visited a couple local artists and found the perfect birthday gift for my sister. Finding the perfect gift among the rows of booths was so fun and supporting the local small business community was critical to the Boston economy. 

Snowport gives the perfect opportunity to support local businesses and give back to the community. As Boston is impacted by the high number of college students in a variety of ways, it’s important to me to give back to the local community. The holiday market provided a wide representation of the local small business community and reminded me to support the community where I am lucky to live most of the year. 

I felt Snowport was the perfect addition to the holiday festivities and made me much more appreciative of the local environment. And whether you’re looking for holiday fun, gifts or just a fun night out, visiting Snowport should definitely be on your calendar!

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