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StuGov addresses funding, cabinet initiatives

Boston University’s Student Government held a meeting Monday discussing several cabinet updates and funding requests.

A Boston University Student Government meeting on March 20.
A Boston University Student Government meeting on March 20. This Monday’s StuGov meeting discussed cabinet updates and funding requests. KATHERINE DALY/DFP FILE

BU Blockchain President Isabelle Ki, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, explained in a presentation how BU’s WiBlock Hub, which offers blockchain education and career development opportunities, plans to “host collaborative events with other firms and women in the industry to showcase talent and visibility.” 

According to IBM, “Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network.” 

Ki explained that this decentralized process means that data is not stored on one specific computer and therefore makes all this data “practically impossible to compromise.”

WiBlock will have its flagship initiative that it plans to showcase at its March event, “giving all female/nb-identifying students a chance to reach their fullest potential,” the presentation explained.

Ki requested a total fund of $750 for WiBlock’s flagship initiative that it plans to showcase at the March event. She explained that the funds will go to thank you cards to attendees, tote bags, memorabilia and catering expenses.

Earlier in the meeting, the Academic Affairs Committee explained their recent academic resource marketing initiative that focused on enhancing the orientation experience for incoming freshmen. 

The Committee discussed how it is meeting with several people from the Director of Academic Programs. The discussions will focus on research of current marketing materials.

The Student Affairs Committee has been in contact with the MBTA to organize a two-year pilot program for students. The MBTA is working with five different universities in order to give students a more affordable T pass, different from the current $90 monthly T pass.

BU Barbell requested funding for early-bird registration to attend the USA Powerlifting Collegiate National Championships. The original amount of requested funds was $480, half of the total $960 to send eight already-qualified athletes. 

“Many of us that are competitive powerlifters are also low-income students,” said BU Barbell President Tommie Lee, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences. “We don’t want to be able to miss out on such a high accolade simply because of the financial costs associated.”

Lee said she thought requesting the full amount would be a lot to ask for considering the other motions that were currently on the floor at Monday’s meeting.

“We want to have the goal of us going to collegiate nationals to make a name for BU,” she said. “I think that as individuals it’s definitely a little bit less in weight compared to if we were perhaps giving an event back to the community.”

The motion was passed to provide the full $960 after an amendment.

“This is genuinely such a huge financial weight off of our shoulders,” Lee said. “I promise that BU Barbell will make a big name for BU when we are at Nationals.”

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