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Dr. Miami’s TikTok gives online marketing a facelift | Stop Scrolling

Social media has become less saturated and more casual. Online advertisers are starting to catch up. 

“Hellurrr” is how Santina Rizzi began her TikTok “get ready with me” videos, showcasing her unconventional paralegal outfits before heading into the office. Rizzi’s lawless workplace wardrobe and amiable demeanor established her online presence back in 2022, even landing her in the New York Times.

Two years later, Rizzi is now the CEO of social media marketing agency Sanrizzle LLC and the reason plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer, commonly known as Dr. Miami, is back on the map. 

Annika Morris | Senior Graphic Artist

Businesses like The Real Dr. Miami Associates are conforming with TikTok’s natural style and producing promotional content to blend in with the flow of swipes on the for you page. There is nothing corporate about what Santina is doing with Dr. Miami’s page. 

Rizzi’s ability to understand social media has proved more fulfilling than her political science degree from Florida State University. Unconventional career shifts like hers are becoming more standard in online business settings. It may seem like anyone can do her social media job, but her intellect has pushed her ahead. Ability is more compelling than academic merit. 

Rizzi gave the face of Dr. Miami’s online image a new look. She reshaped the sterile and technical notion of a plastic surgeon into a lively character with a sense of humor and millions of fans.

Rizzi’s permanence on the Dr. Miami page showcases an almost “influencerization” of business. Instead of using influencer marketing and sending them products or offering them services, a business can make the company’s social media a commodity. 

This innovative spin on the successful marketing tactic puts all the power back in the hands of the business. In this reversed business model there is no standard idealized brand identity collaborating with personable influencers, with the hope that some of their fanbase will connect with the product. Now, the brand identity is the personable influencer who organically grows a community of committed and engaged followers with a mutual love for the business and all who make up the available content. 

Rizzi is the rebranding of Dr. Miami’s social presence and the reason for his continued success. 

Personality is prioritized over product, and that’s what an engaged online influencer like Santina brings to the business. Her ability to use a sound on TikTok perfectly with the personalities in the office, keep the content timely and weave in the personalized lore she has planted into the fandom of Dr. Miami is remarkable. 

She reimagined social media marketing. Instead of advertising Dr. Miami’s prices, post-op procedures and Brazilian butt-lift results, she is advertising his personality and ability to perform for Generation Z viewers.

In the same way an influencer has social commentary or pokes fun at relevant online tensions, Dr. Miami’s TikTok page has taken on the role of influencer.

Nobody would expect a notable plastic surgeon to be fangirling over Bad Bunny’s Met Gala looks while hating on his relationship with Kendall Jenner, trying to fight a “random, old dude” — who turned out to be his patient’s payment method — or refusing a someone a consultation for the “Drake special.”

All of these ideas clearly came from Rizzi’s creative direction, but the idea of a real doctor participating in internet drama in such a committed and engaging way is unprecedented and thoroughly entertaining. 

She honestly never misses a beat. Most of her videos have over a million views, and Rizzi is even a character on the Dr. Miami page. 

Rizzi has broken the fourth wall and procured an engaged and devoted fanbase along the way. This new wave of social media marketing is candid and more focused on audience entertainment than overt product promotions. 

This is where creativity is necessary for success. Most reputable plastic surgeons will give you the results you pay for, so how can they stand out from one another? 

Dr. Miami is building a relationship with his audience. They like him, his content, his high production value and Rizzi, of course. Most plastic surgeons are just plastic surgeons — Dr. Miami is an unrelenting online presence. Amidst all the humor, Rizzi weaves in the marketable qualities of the Dr. Miami office, but not in an overwhelming and obvious way to the viewer. 

This strategy is not traditional but effective with TikTok users. Casual and effortless content thrives on TikTok. Whether it be fashion, makeup, storytimes, or dancing videos, nobody is trying too hard to stand out — or at least making it too obvious. 

It is not commonplace for social media managers to be the face of their client’s content, but Rizzi is the Dr. Miami TikTok page. Fans will comment on videos directly talking to her or calling out Dr. Miami for posting without her permission. 

Santina Rizzi is only at the beginning of her career, but she has already redesigned the scope of what a niche business’s social media can offer to itself and its expanding audience. As trends and social media personalities evolve, Dr. Miami will likely be at the forefront of relevancy and eminence.

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