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Are we obsessed with the moon? | Is It Just Me Or?

With the passing of a solar eclipse on Monday, all eyes — hopefully protected ones — were on the astrological marvel. Whether it was to see the historical lunar event or the camaraderie of enjoying the day with friends, people went out in droves to get a peek at the view.

I took full advantage of this stunning display of nature, and with family members in different areas of Massachusetts, we were able to share different perspectives of what we witnessed. While our connection to nature can be intimate, our desire to share those experiences is what makes the moon’s allure so apparent. 

Annika Morris | Senior Graphic Artist

As the moon shifted in front of the sun, the instantly recognizable image was plastered over the internet just a few days ago. It makes sense why the moon — the mysterious orbiter of Earth that only shines under the cover of the night sky — fascinates us. As one of the few consistently visible astronomical objects, we are able to appreciate the phases and cycle of the moon. 

The moon — along with the stars and other planets — holds a special place in the hearts of many. Whether it be the mystical draw of astrology or a deep appreciation for the cosmos on a scientific level, the moon has society in its grasp. 

For most people, the moon is the first astronomical element they can look up in awe at and experience from their backyards. Witnessing it orbit the Earth and noticing the patterns in its path and position, its shifting cycle of appearance is fascinating to track over weeks, especially during the monthly majesty of a full moon. 

I was one of those kids who ran outside to their driveway to look up at the sky — the moon, the stars and the planets left me in awe. Taking pictures of full moons and looking up how rare they are made it an even more magical experience. One of my favorite luxuries of growing up in a suburb was the minimally-polluted sky and view of the planets and constellations. 

Full moons and eclipses are among the more anticipated astrological events, and oftentimes their unique nature and rarity make them all the more exciting. These gatherings are beautiful in the way they bring people together to admire our natural world. When the sky darkened over Massachusetts, it was as if everyone went quiet to soak in the shadows and view of the eclipse. 

In the world of astrology, the moon is revered. A person’s moon sign represents one’s inner world and emotional side, and it is the focal point of many significant rituals and practices such as charging crystals during a full moon or creating moon water to absorb the positive energy of moonlight. 

As a firm believer in astrology and the benefits of heeding the universe’s advice, my moon sign is very important to me. 

I am a Pisces moon, making me an emotionally open person with a deep sense of empathy — at times, to a fault. Many full moons of my life have been spent sitting outside with friends or family charging my crystals. It has been said that the healing and energetic nature of the full moon is a great time to charge crystals and amplify their healing power. 

Many of the connotations associated with the moon are inherently spiritual. It is the planet of emotion and feeling as well as a divinely feminine symbol. The moon is the only natural light we can see in the dark sky, so often it represents a quiet sense of enlightenment and renewal. 

Various religions place a lot of significance on the moon and its potential powers. In Hinduism, the waxing phases of the moon are viewed as auspicious while the waning phases are viewed as harmful. The full moon is said to be able to spread positive energy on Earth and ensure good fortune.

The moon means a lot of different things for all sorts of sects of the population, and we are able to gather on days like the recent eclipse to stop and take in its glory. I am firmly in the camp of people who admire and revere the moon for its spiritual meanings. 

Aside from being a constant reminder of astronomy and our small place in the galaxy, the moon is just so beautiful and mysterious.

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