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Breakthrough BU wins StuGov Executive Board election, discusses plans for 2024–25 academic year

The Breakthrough BU slate. Breakthrough BU was elected for the 2024-2025 academic year and aims to create spaces for marginalized groups, raise awareness for on-campus safety resources and emphasize transparency in student government. COURTESY OF BREAKTHROUGH BU

Breakthrough BU aims to add inclusive measures after their recent victory in the Boston University Student Government Executive Board elections for the 20242025 academic year.

BUild Beyond and OneBU also ran in the election, and more than 4,900 students total cast ballots, according to the Student Election Commission. 

Breakthrough BU wrote in their platform document that their organization is “unified under the same goal: to bridge the gap between students, their government, and University Administration” and will “represent the well-being of our students, paying particular attention to the needs of our affinity groups and marginalized identities.”

Madeleine Ariola, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences and vice president of Breakthrough BU, said she wants to improve storage units for clubs and finance smaller clubs.

“We spend a lot of time talking to representatives from each community to gauge what the student body really needs from Student Government,” Ariola said.

Breakthrough BU wrote they also use an “Amplify Culture and Transparency” platform to increase student visibility on campus. 

Akwazi Antwi, a junior in the CAS and president of Breakthrough BU, said this campaign was meant to help students “build a new bridge” with administration.

Boston University Student Government President Akwasi Antwi. ISABELLA OLAND/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER

“I think that I realized that a lot of students here on campus don’t necessarily have knowledge of their elected representative and that creates like a breaking of a bridge between students and what they can advocate for in terms of administration,” Antwi said.

Kirsten Saint-Fort, a junior in CAS and vice president of finance of Breakthrough BU, said that “ensuring marginalized groups have space on campus” was a priority in their campaign. 

“We think that it would benefit the overall student body to have these affinity resource centers,” Saint-Fort said. “The LGBTQ resource center was a massive success for BU, and we’d like to keep that momentum going.”

Breakthrough BU’s campaign wrote they are “committed to empowerment and accountability when it comes to sexual assault, domestic abuse, or any type of violence,” aiming for BU administration to acknowledge a Survivor’s Bill of Rights and provide support. 

“A lot of our sexual assault education happens online,” Saint-Fort said. “It doesn’t really happen in a space where people can really absorb the gravity of what is being taught.” 

Isabella Casanova, a sophomore at Questrom School of Business and vice president of international affairs of Breakthrough BU, said they plan to send weekly Student Government newsletters, increase their social media presence and improve their contact accessibility.

“We want to have a one-on-one relationship with every student on campus so that they feel that we are there and that we are representing them,” Casanova said.

Additionally, Breakthrough BU aims to establish student evaluations of academic and career advisors. 

“Too often, students walk out of meetings with their advisors feeling unsatisfied with the guidance they’ve been given,” wrote Breakthrough BU in their platform document. “Evaluations will ensure that students can easily access relevant resources and guidance from advising at BU.” 

In light of recent demonstrations on campus, Breakthrough BU advocates for free speech on campus when it comes “with an immense amount of backlash.” 

“There should be no reason that the right to free speech is not protected on American universities,” Saint-Fort said. “I mean, that’s one of the fundamentals of this country and we want to make sure that there’s zero tolerance for that kind of behavior.”

Antwi said representing the entire student body is essential, including those who voted for other slates. 

“We all have the common goal of trying to make BU a safer, more inclusive and a more fun community,” Antwi said.

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