GALLERY: Second annual Whale Jam combines music and conservation


Nantucket Crisps held the second annual Whale Jam benefit concert in support of Whale and Dolphin Conservation, an international wildlife charity, on Thursday at Roadrunner. 

Inspired by Nantucket’s whaling history, island natives and Nantucket Crisps founders Hayden Arnot and Sara Jemison started the event to raise money and awareness for the endangered North Atlantic right whale. 

The night featured performances by Matt Quinn of Mt. Joy, Jonathan Russell of The Head and the Heart, Marc Roberge of O.A.R., David Shaw of The Revivalists, Taylor Meier of Caamp and Joshua Harmon of the Backseat Lovers, as well as Briston Maroney, Adam Melchor and Yoke Lore. Attendees had the opportunity to bid on silent auction items to support the Whale and Dolphin Conservation and try products from the event’s sponsors. 

Adam Melchor opens Whale Jam at Roadrunner on May 16.
Yoke Lore plays the banjo and sings during his set.
Nantucket Crisps founders Sara Jemison (left) and Hayden Arnot (right) thank the crowd for attending Whale Jam and supporting Whale and Dolphin Conservation.
Taylor Meier of Caamp performs at Whale Jam.


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An informational poster about the whale pump is displayed at the merchandise table.
An informational video by Whale and Dolphin Conservation plays between musical artists at Whale Jam.
Marc Roberge of O.A.R. gestures to the crowd during his set at Whale Jam.
Briston Maroney (left) and Joshua Harmon of the Backseat Lovers (right) perform a song together at Whale Jam.
Calling All Crows volunteers Addie, Vanessa and Katherine (left to right) talk to a Whale Jam attendee as he scans a QR code. Calling All Crows is a nonprofit organization that supports feminist movements in the music industry. Their current campaign, Here for the Music, aims to end sexual violence in the music industry.


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Matt Quinn of Mt. Joy plays the guitar and sings at Whale Jam.
David Shaw of The Revivalists performs at Whale Jam.
A fan takes a selfie with Jonathan Russell of The Head and the Heart before his performance at Whale Jam.
A fan claps to the music during Jonathan Russell’s performance at Whale Jam.
This year’s Whale Jam artists perform Sweet Caroline together at the end of the benefit concert.


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