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Definitely a laughing matter: comedy clubs at BU

The transition to college can be stressful. Moving out, moving in, starting classes, making new friends — it’s an experience that is hard to find the humor in. However, Boston University offers its own solution: a myriad of student-led comedy clubs where there is a place for everyone. 

After all, what better way to relieve some of that stress than with a good laugh? Here is a list of some of those quick-witted clubs to keep an eye out for. 

Liquid Fun

With free monthly shows, Liquid Fun is a sure-fire way to get in your dose of laughter. The group performs both short and long-form improv comedy for the BU community, as well as holding open practices every Sunday from 7-9 p.m., where no experience is required to participate, according to their website. 

“One of my favorite things about being at this school is having this community,” said Sophia Keohane, a sophomore at BU and member of Liquid Fun. 

Keohane came into BU knowing she wanted to join Liquid Fun and joined the troupe  during her first semester of freshman year. She began performing during her second semester, while also holding the secretary position. 

Each show has a different theme attached to it and draws a packed, excited audience, according to Grace Pitts, a sophomore at BU and a frequent Liquid Fun audience member.“It’s a buzzing, electric atmosphere,” she said. “I genuinely love going to the shows at the end of the week and just being able to step away from all the academics and really enjoy myself.” 

Liquid Fun has been bringing smiles to the BU community since their founding in 1997. One of their specialties is a 24-hour marathon show in celebration of the annual Boston Marathon. During that day, the group brings in other comedy troupes at BU and other Boston-area groups to perform while the event gathers donations for the Greater Boston Food Bank. 

“Just go for it. Go to open Sundays, go to that audition, go to that club meeting,” said Keohane. “Because you are going to meet so many fantastic people who are there to support you.”

Slippery When Wet members Giuliana Balboni, Maxwell Anthony and Sarah Gibertoni perform a sketch. Comedy clubs at Boston University offer students laughs during the academic year. COURTESY OF CADEE STEFANI

Slippery When Wet

Another fun-filled option is BU’s premier sketch comedy group, Slippery When Wet. As the oldest running comedy group at BU, they recently underwent a name change from their previous title, “Slow Children at Play,” but their dedication to bringing joy has stayed the same. 

The group puts on two to three shows each semester, according to Bradley Tavana, a sophomore at BU and a member of the troupe. He said that their performances are based on how quickly they can write and rehearse sketches.

Tavana joined Slippery When Wet his second semester of BU, and said he hadn’t expected to get involved in the comedy scene at all. 

“The only thing you can regret is not doing something,” said Tavana about getting involved as a new student at BU. “Worst case you’re only going to get better. You’re only going to learn.” 

Slippery When Wet also posts their sketches on their Youtube channel. They have also performed at sketch comedy festivals around the country and have participated in Liquid Fun’s 24-hour marathon show this past semester. 

Stand Up Club

Just as the name suggests, BU Stand Up club is a perfect place to hone in on your stand up skills or try out a new form of comedy. 

This past semester, the club met one hour a week on Wednesdays and fostered a “super supportive, super great environment” Keohane said, who is also a part of Stand Up. She said the group’s environment  allowed her to grow very quickly, even though she had joined “on a whim.” 

A speciality of BU Stand Up Club is their frequent Queer and Femme open mic shows, which allow for non-club members to perform. Even outside of live performances, Stand Up Club allows for opportunity for students to get involved. This past semester, Stand Up Club partnered with WTBU allowing for a unique listening experience with live stand-up comedy on radio, which makes for a unique experience for audience members and performers alike. 

The Callbacks

As BU’s only troupe that performs original sketch, improvisational and video comedy, the Callbacks will surely have a joke for everyone. Both long and short-form comedy have been produced by this group since their founding in 2009. 

Open auditions for various roles in the group are usually held in the Fall semester and are open to any community members interested in multimedia comedy forms — but the fun does not stop there. 

Every semester, the Callbacks perform in at least two full-length live shows, which are usually free to attend, providing laughter as the best medicine in an otherwise bustling school environment.

So, on your next visit to Splash, keep an eye out for these comedy clubs. They will surely tickle your funny bone and provide a much-needed break from the bustle of college life.

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