BU students look to temp jobs

Gearing up for holiday shopping sprees, many students are searching for a way to keep bank accounts from plunging to ground zero.

Many students evade holiday-induced indigence with one-time odd job opportunities set up by the Quickie Job Office, which lists job offerings ranging from changing lightbulbs to party planning to sipping beer for psychological studies to help bring home the bacon.

In the past, students have had gigs such as dressing up as Santa Claus for local shops. In the fall, students rake in the leaves — and big bucks — by helping out with local’s yard work.

“People prefer party help jobs,” said Senior Assistant of Student Employment Michelle Gormley. “We get a lot of Christmas parties and holiday parties that students can help out at.”

This time of year, the Quickie job office is bustling.

College of General Studies freshman Karla Green was among those interested in party job listings yesterday. She spent part of her Thursday afternoon in the job office looking at possible holiday jobs including party service and child care.

Green said being able to vary the jobs she does is one of the lures of quickie jobs.

“I’m basically looking for whatever I’m qualified to do and whatever I’d enjoy that’s not too much time,” said Green, who starts her first Quickie Job next weekend. “You get to vary jobs.”

Gormley said students are drawn by quickie jobs because a one-time gig accommodates a transient college lifestyle.

“You don’t have to commit 10 hours a week, just work when you have the time so you can fit it into your schedule,” she said.

“There’s no real commitment to do it long term,” said College of General Studies freshman Michelle Austin, who was also looking for work at holiday parties.

And for those students who do seek a steady income to pay off debt accrued from holiday expenditures, the Job Office compiles permanent job listings as well.

Permanent job listings are posted by groups such as the Office of Disabilities, which hires students to read books on tape for blind and visually impaired students.

“Most students who inquire about the positions usually inquire at the beginning of the year,” said Jennifer Siegel, senior staff assistant at the Office of Disabilities.

Other students try to get extra money by taking part in hospital test studies. These studies, which in some cases offer thousands of dollars, are open for students to take part in as long as they meet certain qualifications, said Massachusetts General Hospital spokesmwoman Jacki Flowers.

Quickie Job listings are available online through the Student Link, however to obtain the names and numbers of prospective employers, students need to appear in person at the Quickie Job Office, which is located at 881 Commonwealth Ave.

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