Tormented Occupied People of Kashmir

“Great grand gestures-Yes. Grand posturing-No! ” And ” For the triumph of evil it is necessary that the concerned people do nothing”

Dear Editor: Thank you for raising the people of Kashmir view before your readers. I am a naturalized Kashmir born American citizen and have been working hard to address Kashmir peoples plight and aspiration.

Here is an Op-ed piece for possible publication in your News paper. Thanks in advance.

It is unfortunate and sad that India is trying to engage the sympathy of the United States and other countries for its stand on Kashmir by calling the occupation resistance movement in Kashmir a terrorist movement; Kashmir is an integral part of India, it argues; militant people of Kashmir are secessionists launched by so-called fundamentalist groups.

How well grounded these pleas are can be judged from the following facts and considerations: During the latest phase of the freedom struggle, virtually all the citizenly of vale of Kashmir including the capital city, Srinagar and other towns-men,women,and children-came out on the streets repeatedly to lodge a nonviolent protest against continued occupation.

The people of divided Kashmir wish to stress that their land is not real estate that should be parceled out between two disputants but the home of a nation with a history for more compact and coherent than India’s and far longer than Pakistan’s. No settlement of their status will hold unless it is explicitly based on the principles of self-determination and erases the so-called line of control, which is in reality the line of conflict.

Citizens of Kashmir would like the future negations to be tripartite, because the dispute primarily involves three parties-India, Pakistan and the “Tormented People of Kashmir.” But the primary and principal party is the people of Kashmir, and it is ultimately their future-the future of 13 million people of Kashmir-that is at stake. The people of Kashmir, and their Kashmiriyat will help the world powers to find the true, lasting, and permanent peace for the people of Indo-Kash-Pak region and rest of the world.

Submitted sincerely,

Col. Ali M. Khajawall, MD, ABFM. ABDA First Secretary: Kashmir American Mission [KAM] ‘ Founder: Kashmiri American Council [KAC] P.O. BOX 4040 Diamond Bar, California 91765-0040 Telephone: 1-562-777-777-1 ‘ 1-909-860-8444 Cellphone: 1-909-374-1974 Email: [email protected][email protected]

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