STAFF EDIT: Safety Is Key

Every day of the academic year, without fail, the sidewalks of Commonwealth Avenue are filled with young faces hustling and bustling between classes and appointments. As college students walk down the stretch of Boston University’s metropolitan campus, this fast-paced atmosphere lends itself to an almost dangerous sense of security. However, recent attacks at local T stations should spark extra caution among students walking independently day or night.

In recent months, nearby T stations, specifically Ashmont and Brookline Village, have experienced an increase in violent attacks on women. According to reports, the young victims have faced violent sexual assaults and kidnapping. This has provoked an effort by local residents to advertise to women the importance of being cautious while going out alone.

Boston University students should take this advice into deep consideration. Just because the tall walls of the College of Arts and Sciences building and Warren Towers seem to block the BU community in from the rest of the city, it does not mean that students are immune to these kind of threats.

It is vital to remember to be careful at all times while out in public, especially in notoriously less-safe areas, including stops on the Orange and Red T lines. Women should think first before walking the streets of Boston alone. Though it may sound childish, there’s no harm in using the buddy system; it can even be fun. Women in the Brookline Village area have taken up such activities as dog-walking in groups to keep themselves out of harm’s way. If a buddy is unavailable, Boston University wisely offers its students the escort services. This program is here for a reason — use it. Furthermore, remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Stick to well-lit areas, while staying sensitive to any suspicious sounds.

Male students should follow this advice as well. Violence can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, and being young and male is no excuse to be careless.

Boston University students have the ability to act responsibly while exerting urban independence. Just make sure you keep your eyes and ears open — after all, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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