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This morning I received a phone call from one of your reporters regarding the WEF demonstrations in NYC this weekend. I strongly suggest that in the future you school your people on the processes of objective journalism and upfront investigative practices. This person immediately began the conversation with some babble as if I were to assume that he was one of several people I have contacted about the rally but with whom I am not closely familiar. It was only after a couple of minutes that he clarified he was a “reporter”, but then he switched his tactic to attacking what he assumed was my “radical left wing stance against capitalism.” There was absolutely no objectivity to his approach whatsoever, his only desire obviously being to coerce me into some sort of confrontation from which he could construe that I am somehow a threat to the stability of society. I am quite sure that he heard not a single word I said.

In the very unlikely event you have any real desire to understand my position on current events, I have posted below a speech I gave last weekend at a rally at Macdill AFB here in Florida:

Unification Theory

Since our very emergence as a species, we have been separating as a People. We have evolved separate skin tones and physical characteristics, separate cultures, religions, and political ideologies. This fragmentation has been driven by fear of that other tribe, that other race, or other nation. The ignorance of this practice is witnessed by the fact that now we don’t even know the person living next to us, much less on the other side of town. The faces we meet in the grocery store, and even in our own beds, for the most part remain strangers.

However, our society is an entirely manmade concoction. The brutal realities of this world are a manifestation of the fears experienced as a direct result of our separation. Today, we face the future of Humanity not as individuals, but as one. Today we are faced with the ultimate reality that we will either intentionally seek to reunify as a global family, or we will self-destruct of our own neglect and by our own hand.

But there is hope. The one fact which has remained constant over the millennia is that we are all the same at the core of our Being. Namely, that we all crave peace and the freedom to pursue a passionate and meaningful existence. No longer can we afford to divide along any lines, be they racial, religious, national or otherwise. We must band together against the root cause of all atrocities, and that is the fear and hopelessness which torments a person when they languish without peace in their soul.

We must stop deifying greed and a lust for global domination as aspects of the powerful, and recognize them for precisely what they are, namely the flailing, misguided efforts of the weak. For it is only the weak who try to dominate others, and only the weak who horde material gain without concern for the welfare of others.

Atrocities are initiated by a very few but are perpetuated by every one of us who simply go about the actions of our day, without a specific passion to strive for peace.

All we need do is heed this natural law: Where there is no light, there is darkness.

Light is the measurable, darkness is merely a void. Light is that which is positive, darkness is that which does not exist. For there is only light and the absence of light. Good and the absence of good. Peace and the absence of peace.

By the absolute promotion of peace, all the evils which seem so daunting and unforgiving will simply vanish back into the void from whence they came. Not by mandate or force, but by the plain and simple fact that they are not a natural part of our existence. Social justice, economic stability, an end to poverty, and an ecological balance which supports all life, will only come as a manifestation of peace. There is no government, religion, economic system or political agenda which will save us, we have to save ourselves.

It is time for each and every one of us to make our voices heard, to make every single action of every single day stand for what we believe. We must release our individual fears, wants and agendas, and work ceaselessly to cultivate that which binds us all, one to the other. Let us commit today to the task of promoting peace, peace at the core of our Being, and peace in every action and interaction. For the remainder of our time on Earth, we must all continuously strive to promote:


Peace, Aaron James [email protected] 407 927 1421

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