Uneducated ‘Evil Empire’

After reading what is definitely not a substitute for cable, I became completely annoyed. Paul Merrill trashed the Student Union in order to make a transition for an article about coffee. I don’t know what bothered me more: the fact that he made uneducated remarks about the hard working Student Union, or the fact that he used them to introduce a rather exaggerated (and not very clever) concept of this ‘evil empire.’ Mr. Merrill questions why the Student Union is getting more money next year, yet doesn’t bother to name even one ‘mundane event’ that the Student Union has done. Yes, we did hand out those “BUnited” pins (in response to Sept. 11). We are also putting on the Back Bay Ball, having another Fight for Life (Project 100’s annual walk for cancer; that’s right, Project 100 is part of the Student Union), showed Shrek on the BU beach to one of the largest gathering of BU students in years, and have provided numerous other campus groups with money that they needed. So, if after having a glance at some of the bigger things we’ve done, Mr. Merrill, you still think the Student Union “will probably throw it away,” come to a meeting. So many students are (dare I say it?) apathetic to campus organizations, especially the Student Union. If you don’t think the Student Union is doing a good job, tell them in person. Offer ideas of how to change it and provide suggestions on what needs improvement. Fact is, anyone who attends a Student Union meeting (Monday nights, 8pm, Photonics 210, all are welcome) soon learns how dedicated (and unappreciated) these representatives are. It becomes very difficult to make positive changes when no one wants to offer suggestions, but many are quick to complain. I, as someone who does not drink coffee, would not try to comment on the difference between Java City and Green Mountain; perhaps you, as someone who does not know or care what the Student Union will do with your dollar next year, should keep your mouth shut and stick to what you do know.

Meredith Classen SED, ’05

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