STAFF EDIT: Efforts To Recycle

City Councilor Mike Ross (Back Bay, Fenway) recently proposed a new measure to increase recycling in Boston by requiring all landlords to provide bins for their tenants. This move — undoubtedly a step in the right direction — will only be successful if people take it upon themselves to take a small, yet effective, part in the recycling process.

Recycling is no easy task. Trying to find those special bins and separating plastic from glass and paper is often complicated and time consuming. The difficulty of this responsibility discourages people from doing something good for the environment. Ross’s plan can ease some of these problems, as the bins will be much more accessible for people to throw in their recyclables and go. With bins nearby, an increase in Boston recycling participants should be inevitable.

Requiring landlords to provide bins for their tenants is half the battle in improving recycling. Still, the public must step up to help, as well. Walking a few extra feet to throw a bottle into the correct bin is certainly not too much to ask of people.

Ross must now follow through on his plan. There is still a long way to go in passing and enacting this proposal, and once in place, public relations are necessary. The public needs to know exactly what is going on, or efforts will be lost. If Ross and his staff maintain vigilance in fostering this program, the results can only be positive.

This first step in increasing recycling in Boston is encouraging. Now, it is up to the public to keep its end of the bargain. Take notice of the new bins and use them. These small actions will benefit everyone in the long run.

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