STAFF EDIT: Show Terrier Support

Boston University students often complain about the lack of school spirit on campus. If only they could have seen the scarlet and white come out Saturday at The Roof.

Case Gymnasium was filled and rocking this weekend as the BU men’s basketball team beat the University of Maine to advance to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1997. While the team deserves praise for exceeding expectations and delivering when it counted, Terrier fans must also be congratulated for their enthusiastic support.

It is a sad state of affairs at BU home games, with few fans taking to the stands at most University sports events — including hockey. BU is often proudly touted as a hockey school, but the Icedogs’ games are rarely sold out. With the recent success of numerous BU teams, including the soccer and hockey teams, students should start showing their Terrier pride by coming out for various events on campus.

At the big game Saturday, the University really did its part in raising noise, excitement and support for the athletes. However, this support can not just begin and end with a playoff game. Even teams that do not always grab an NCAA tournament slot or fight for the Beanpot need to hear the cheers of a loud crowd. A large part of any team’s success is based on the spirit of the fans.

It is not necessary, however, to be the kind of fan who checks boxscores daily — or to be a sports fan at all. When the New England Patriots won this year’s Super Bowl, people from all over — including those who do not even enjoy the sport of football — came out of the woodwork to share their excitement for the local team’s victory. That electricity should be mirrored by the students of BU.

Much of the blame for the lack of school spirit is placed on the fact that BU no longer has a football team. The loss of BU’s football program is in the past. Students should move on. Get out there and take advantage of the success other BU sports teams are achieving. The student body might be surprised at the impressive sports events it will experience.

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