In response to Jim Gallagher urging Israel to withdraw:

What you have imagined is indeed a horrible nightmare. Except that it is mostly just that; a nightmare. You are allowing your imagination to be fueled by deliberate attempts to blur the facts. Factions that you do not seem to understand, people with a different set of values and standards than you seem to hold, have been helping you expand your imagination. People who believe that the ends justify the means (yes, that old chilling phrase from the evil archives of World War II)have preyed upon your hopes for a better world, for kindness on the planet, by feeding you lies.

Get the facts straight. Study some history on the situation, not just the last 6 months, or 6 years but AT LEAST 6 decades. Clarify for yourself the grey areas between good and evil (was September 11 justifiable in your mind?). When you are done, I hope you can at least understand that no one wants to see Israel withdraw from the West Bank more than Israelis themselves. Golda Meir claimed that “We have lost the battle if we become like our enemies.”

Israelis are desperately struggling with maintaining their own humanity while protecting themselves. Make no mistake. Palestinian suicide bombers do not engage in that struggle and younger brothers are not just throwing rocks at tanks. (Apparently you missed the news film earlier this week where Israeli tank soldiers chose to ignore the rock throwing and verbal taunts of 2 teenage boys on the West Bank, only to lose their lives seconds later as a result of a bomb thrown at them by these same boys.)

Would that the world were as simple to divide into good and evil. As a representative in the school of communication I beg you to be sure that the words you choose are based on fact not propaganda and that you filter what you read and hear through your obviously intelligent brain.

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