COLD WAR KIDS: Robbers and Cowards

Other reviews have compared the Cold War Kids’ latest album Robbers and Cowards to a combination of Tom Waits and The Pogues. Those reviews are wrong. The first full-length release from the Long Beach band sounds more like a combination of The Mars Volta and Murder by Death and is a solid record that will have any hipster’s head bopping. The quartet straddles the line between neo-hippy indie and good old-fashioned bluesy rock. Each song has a storyline that can be listened to out of the context of the album, with subject matter that goes beyond typical ballads of love and loss. On the first track, “We Used To Vacation,” the chorus is strikingly honest: “I promised to my wife and children/I’d never touch another drink as long as I live.” This anthem stands out among the other 11 tracks and is a must have for any mix CD. Grade:  B/B+

— Aviv Rubinstien, Muse Staff

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