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LETTER: Wiesel lecture only last for the year

Your fine article on Elie Wiesel’s speech (‘Wiesel week, p. 1′) in the Tuesday, Oct. 28 issue of The Daily Free Press was excellent.’ But there is one glaring mistake. Wiesel did not give his last lecture. He only gave his last lecture for this year. Wiesel is on sabbatical and for that reason has reduced the number of his lectures from three to one for this fall only. We can anticipate that he will be back next fall for his full teaching schedule, including three public lectures.

John Silber
BU President emeritus

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  1. Mr. Silber!<p/>Please, clean the PERSON of ELI WIESEL….. We, hungarians CAN’T IDENTIFY him, but the “ELI” was born in East -Hungary, in Máramarossziget…..