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LETTER: Daily Free Conservativism

I am afraid the Daily Free Press has swung a bit to the right. At my first glance of the front page, I noticed that half of the front page stories were not congratulatory of Barack Obama, but mourning the loss of John McCain. Would it not have been more appropriate to focus on the win, not the loss?

In further investigation of the articles, unnecessary digs were taken at liberals, and biased reporting abounded. The two articles ‘GOP has low hopes for Obama’ and ‘BU Republicans mourn result’ (Nov. 5, p.1) were filled to the brim with quotes from students and Massachusetts residents associated with politics expressing their scorn for Obama supporters, confusion at how he could have possibly been elected and dismay for America’s future. There was no ‘other side’ presented. There were no quotes of equal ardor expressing joy and excitement for Obama. The Daily Free Press barraged readers with a flood of negativity for Obama, and did little in surrounding articles to match the fervor of negativity with support for our new president.

Also ‘-‘- the claim in ‘BU Republicans mourn result’ that the Obama campaign deserves credit for tying McCain to the Bush administration is preposterous. McCain did that to himself. He needed no help from the Democrats! He agrees with Bush on many issues, including the Iraq war, the economy, abortion, appointment of judges and health care. His record is proof no matter who interprets it, Republicans or Democrats.

In addition, there was not one photograph of Obama in the entire issue. The center spread ‘A Sea of Change’ (p.4) focused on Sen. John Kerry. He is not a ‘sea of change’ ‘-‘- he has been a senator in Massachusetts since 1985! Obviously his victory is important to Massachusetts residents, but not nearly as historical [sic] or shocking as the election of Obama. It would have been nice to see such respect given to our president.

Olivia Hauck

CFA ’10


  1. Why is it ok for the issue to be slanted to the left and not the right?<br/>If you don’t like the paper then don’t read it.<br/>Why don’t you grow up a little and stop wasting time complaining about a newspaper you only contribute to when it upsets you.

  2. i wasn’t the only one who felt this way, there was another article with mine in the issue…and like I said in my comment, I was shocked by the Freep’s coverage! “I always believed the FreeP to be liberal, but was shocked by the issue.” And I did look beyond the front page, if you had bothered to read my entire letter and examples given. I am talking about this specific issue and how they chose to cover the aftermath of the election. I’m pretty sure you didn’t even read my letter. <p/>Ps. I’m a voice major, thanks. I’ll go off to CFA now and sing some songs.

  3. you gotta be kidding me!!!!<br/>I don’t know where to start.<p/>First off while the one line about Obama tying McCain to Bush was a little off, but “BU Republicans mourn results” 11/5 was a complete character assassination of conservatives and republicans at BU. The entire article portrayed bu republicans like nomads walking a trail of tears from place to place across BU campus election night whining and frowning down upon Barack Obama along the way. The article presumes two things; all republicans and conservatives at BU automatically voted for McCain, and two; that the BUCR represents all the conservatives at this University. The BUCR is small and stagnant in comparison to liberal organizations on campus not just for the fact of the overall greater amount of liberals then conservatives at BU, but also because many conservatives at BU choose not to join the organization because of its past radical and unorganized actions; quoting BUCR as the sole source for conservative thought on campus is just not fair or accurate.<p/>also, HAVE YOU EVER READ THE PAPER BEFORE WEDNESDAY!!, seriously.<p/>the freeP endorsed obama as their candidate, they had a front page article “Mr.Precedent” congratulating him, all but one of there opinion columnists is liberal, they praise the universities growing liberal leader Andrew Bacevich weekly, and 6 pages forward from the article you moaned about is one from the freep declaring California’s ban on homosexual marriage a “great step backward”.<p/>What do you want? A party? some cake?<br/>go back to cfa and paint a picture if your upset, but first get past the front page and read a couple other issues before you write in.

  4. Morgan- Did you even read the 11/5 article??? Granted, I always believed the FreeP to be liberal, but was shocked by the issue. It’s undeniable that the issue is slanted towards the right.

  5. Thomas Alexander

    A very perceptive and on-target letter from Ms. Hauck. The BU Free Press needs to do a better job of reflecting the wide diversity of opinion on the BU campus, and wake up to the reality that voters overwhelmingly rejected the Bush-McCain agenda. Yes, Barack Obama won the election in a landslide, but his victory was made easier by the wretched and pathetic Republican policies of the past eight years. The Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for their loss on Tuesday.

  6. The FreeP is one of the MOST LIBERAL papers I have read. There is NO way that it is even close to conservative. Period.

  7. GOP = Epic fail cry babies – The Audacity of Mope