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LETTER: ‘Deeply disappointed’

I am deeply disappointed by the Daily Free Press’ coverage of the election, specifically that the stories focused only on Republicans and John McCain supporters who were upset with President-elect Obama’s clear and decisive victory. Your sources whined that America has thrown a collective temper tantrum, that ‘the American people don’t know what they’ve gotten into,’ and that they are fearful for the future of this country (‘GOP has low hopes for Obama,’ Nov. 5, p. 1).

‘ As a student who has come of age under the Bush regime, I must say that I have spent the past eight years fearing for the future of my country, and I, and many others, have watched as we have lost the respect of the rest of the world, as we have entered two disastrous wars and as our economy collapsed. The past eight years have changed the nature of American politics in the worst way, and yesterday the American people called for an end. We did not throw a collective temper tantrum, as the Free Press source so idiotically states. Rather, we chose to take action against a regime and a party that has done its best to destroy our country.

‘ So Republicans shouldn’t complain about how they’re not in power anymore. They shouldn’t whine about how afraid they are. Republicans shouldn’t tell me they feel dismal. They shouldn’t expect sympathy.

That’s how most of us have felt for years, and we chose to dispense with this regime and legitimately elect a new one.

Anna Jensen-Clem

CAS ’09

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  1. Everyone has the right to an opinion, whether it is in the majority or not. We should be thankful for that right because it is not protected in many places across the world. Every party does their share of whining when they do not get their own way. I suspect that this will be the last that we will hear of the Republicans for a while as the new government dominates the media for years to come.