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LETTER: An open letter to President-elect Obama

Dear Sen. Obama,

Congratulations on your historic victory. Your remarkable achievement has made us all proud to be citizens of our great country. For where else but from the cradle of freedom could a black man, son of an African immigrant, become the leader of the free world? Your election has truly turned a page in our history, and vanquished the bigoted specters of our past. We can all hold our heads high as Americans, and proudly proclaim that nowhere else is the opportunity greater – that we truly are the guardians of freedom, and that regardless of race, wealth or background, our citizens are limited only by the heights of their dreams.

I cast my vote for Sen. McCain, who you yourself respectfully and correctly acknowledged as a worthy opponent and a patriot of the highest order, who has given and continues to give his life to the service of our great country. But Sen. Obama, I congratulate you, I salute you, and I welcome you with open arms as my president.

I sincerely hope that your rhetoric of unity and reaching our common goals translates into action rather than merely filling the pages of a campaign playbook. May you accept this greatest privilege with humility. Heavy is the weight of our troubled world, and come January, it will be thrust upon your shoulders. It can be lonely at the top, senator. Just ask George W. Bush. I pray that you not be broken by the gravity of the challenge, and that you retain moral clarity and strength of purpose.

But as I embrace you as my president, senator, I also warn you. You have now become the vessel of all of our collective hopes and dreams for a better future. I wish you the very best, for all of our sakes. But bear in mind that myself, the BU College Republicans, and 46 percent of this country will be watching your every move very, very carefully. Do not let us down.

Jay Dulski, CAS ’09
BU College Republicans


  1. Jay Dulski, President, BUCR

    -4real<br/>A belated response to your article, now that I have some time over the holidays.<p/>I’m sorry you couldn’t see through your venomous hatred of conservatism to actually read and understand what I wrote. I voted against Barrack Obama precisely B

  2. As Americans, we are charged with the responsibility to carry our own weight, and maybe some extra.<br/>- What a very Republican thing to say. ;-)<p/>I think it says a lot that he is standing behind Obama. It’s easy to be bitter and whine about it. Mr. Dulski’s letter is nice to see. I feel the same way. Everyone will be watching Obama carefully. He will have the hardest job in the world.

  3. We need a president who can inspire Americans across all divides, whether republican or democrat, black, brown, or white, woman or man. We do not need one who appeals to our fears and fuels mutual distrust and division. We need a president who can ask all Americans to make the sacrifices necessary to change the course of this country. We need a president who understands that the government is not about politicians, corporations, or lobbyists; it is about we the people. <p/>We need a president who requires us to think, inspires us to dream, and challenges us to take action. We need a president who can inspire our young people to reach higher and achieve more than ever before. We do not need one who asks us to trust blindly, to consume thoughtlessly, to follow the status quo without question.<p/>We are at a pivotal crossroads in this country. We can choose to continue down a path that will leave a legacy for our children of insurmountable debt, perpetual wars, and environmental collapse, or we can create change.<p/> “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”<p/>Jay, President elect Obama was not elected to carry your weight, and the entire weight of this country. As Americans, we are charged with the responsibility to carry our own weight, and maybe some extra besides. You are the vessel of your own hope, however leaky a vessel that may be. <p/>WE are the ones we have been waiting for.<p/>Yes, Jay, that means you also. Get up, get moving, or get out of our way.