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LETTER: Wrong answer for projects

While the Boston University campus seems to be a safe unit that spans Commonwealth Avenue, it is important to remember that ours is not a closed campus (‘Brookline’s Baddest,’ Nov. 17, p. 6). Students throwing parties should act as any other citizen living in an urban environment and keep track of who they let into their home and how loud their parties get. BU cannot be responsible for the safety of every student at all times when they choose to live off campus or venture into the city. The people living in the

Brookline Housing Project have less choice in their living situation than BU students do, and to blame them for certain students being unaware of the responsibilities of living off campus in a city is na’iuml;ve and in poor taste.

Jacqueline Dinas
CAS ’10


  1. Very well said!

  2. Here here!<p/>Kudos Jacqueline, I could not have put it more tactfully myself.