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Dining, social life bring students to West

Despite older facilities and a greater distance from most campus buildings, students said West Campus has a unique community feel.

West Campus, which consists of the large dormitory-style buildings Claflin Hall, Rich Hall and Sleeper Hall, houses students from all BU schools and colleges. West Campus has its own dining hall as well as laundry services, a printer lab, mail room and cinema room.

College of General Studies freshman Andrew Dwyer said West Campus encourages strong camaraderie among students and is a great place for freshmen.’

‘When I was looking at my housing options, I really liked Rich Hall,’ Dwyer said. ‘It had the perks of living in small college atmosphere while living in a big university at the same time.”

However, for non-freshmen, the dorm environment of West Campus can get to be too much, College of General Studies sophomore Emily Schadt.

‘I’m living off-campus in an apartment,’ she said. ‘I’ve had enough of the dorms.’ I’m going to be a junior, and I don’t want to deal with the RAs anymore or sharing a bathroom with 20 other girls.”

Schadt, who has lived in Sleeper Hall for the past two years, said she originally chose the location for its convenience.’

‘As a freshman, I didn’t really know a lot about the dorms, but I knew I didn’t want to live in Warren,’ Schadt said. ‘Since I was in CGS, I knew West would be closer and more convenient, and that’s why I’m here again.’

Dwyer said West Campus is not the best choice for students in the School of Management or College of Engineering because of the large distance between them, but he knows people who are in those schools and still enjoy living in West.’

The Fresh Food Co. at West Campus, its dining hall, is popular amongst all BU students, Housing Director Marc Robillard said. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘People love the dining hall,’ Robillard said. ‘The information that I have seen is that West has been voted the best dining hall on campus.’

‘I love the dining hall,’ CGS sophomore Tiffany Shiue said. ‘It’s also a great place to meet people who live in other buildings at West.’

Even though most students said they enjoy living in West Campus area, the facilities need many improvements, they said.

The slow elevators should be top priority, Schadt said.’

‘If it’s not the elevators themselves that are broken, it’s the lights inside of the elevators that are out,’ Schadt said.’

Dwyer said the unreliable elevators are a hazard to students.’ ‘

‘A broken desk won’t kill you,’ Dwyer said. ‘A broken elevator could.’

Robillard said he hopes to renovate West Campus when the construction freeze is lifted.

‘The university recognizes the age of the buildings and the value of the freshman experience, and we want to invest in that,’ Robillard said.

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