A few weeks ago, a federal judge ruled that emergency, next-day oral contraception pills, more commonly known as Plan B, should be made available to 17-year-old women without a prescription.’ We here at the ‘ol Free Press wondered about the ‘Plan B’s’ of those in the news this week.

BU Men’s Hockey Team Plan B if they lose in the Frozen Four: Sign up for broomball and dominate.

The Boston Globe’s Plan B if they don’t meet the New York Times Company’s demand to cut $20 million in expenses:’ Sell something else on street corners.

Jesus’s Plan B if He decides to skip the whole resurrection thing this year: Passover. Yum, yum gefilte fish.

Married couples of the same sex’s Plan B: oh wait . . . they don’t need to worry about that.

Plan B’s Plan B: Planned Parenthood!

The ultimate Plan B for any high school senior who didn’t get into their dream college: CGS.

The FreeP’s Plan B if the whole ‘newspaper thing’ fails: newspaper hats . . . bon fire material . . . create our own Student Union slate . . . a nap . . . maybe even a real social life someday!

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