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Every party has a pooper

The following reports were taken from the Boston Police Department Allston-Brighton District D-14 crime logs from April 20 to April 25.

Three men walked into the police station to file a report about a threat at 12:10 a.m. April 22. The victims said they had posted a birthday celebration on Facebook, and a former acquaintance that was not invited sent threatening Facebook messages, text messages and voicemails to all three, including a threat to set the victims’ apartment on fire. Police advised the victims to discontinue contact with the person.


An officer responded to an assault and battery call from 15 Newton St. at 6:30 a.m. April 20. The man told police he had been at his friends’ house the night before playing cards and around 8 p.m. the suspect had come into the apartment, punched the victim in the face and ran out. The victim said that he had done nothing wrong and didn’t get a chance to question the suspect before he left.


A loss-prevention worker at the Star Market at 1065 Commonwealth Ave. alerted an officer that someone was wandering the aisles, opening food, eating it and then leaving the empty packages on the floor around 3 a.m. April 24. The officer confronted the suspect when he tried to leave the store with his fingers covered in mashed potatoes from an open package he still had in his hands. The suspect, a Boston University junior, was arrested for shoplifting.


The manager at Wonder Bar on the corner of Glenville Terrace and Harvard Avenue alerted an officer to a patron who could not remember his local address at 12:45 a.m. April 25. The officer spoke with the suspect to help him get in contact with someone who could get him home safely. Once he determined the address, the officer helped the patron into a car. Then the suspect started yelling obscenities at the officer. At this point the officer took the suspect to the floor to restrain him and told the suspect he would be arrested if the behavior continued. The suspect then started to throw punches at the officer’s face and kick his lower body. The officer then arrested the suspect and brought him to the station for booking.

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