Corrections, Opinion


In an article published in Monday’s issue, titled “MBTA may shut down program for elderly, disabled,” the author incorrectly attributed a quotation– that asked for a fare increase rather than a service cut to save The Ride program, and called Bostonians “whiney”– to Melissa Dullea, the MBTA director of planning and schedules. The quotation was actually said by Ezra Morrison, a Medford resident, who opposed cuts to The Ride. The Ride is a program which provides disabled and elderly customers transit, when they normally would not be served by fixed MBTA transit routes such as the bus or T trains.

The original headline “MBTA may shut down program for elderly, disabled,” was also misleading. The MBTA, which charges $2 per ride while the program costs the MBTA $40 per ride, is not planning on shutting down the program, but is looking for other options to keep the program running.

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