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Enamored with Monteiro at Boston Fashion Week

Designer June Monteiro debuted her “Everything ENAMOUR” collection at the Bill Bordy Theater Saturday during Boston Fashion Week.

Monteiro revealed her autumn line on the runway to an audience of about 100 people. The theater was crowded with Anna Wintour wannabes and college students, with a few Real Housewives of Beacon Hill thrown in the mix. Photographers flashed away as the first designs came out.

Her collections included casual and formal wear, as well as children’s apparel.

Children modeled the first series, Shock Therapy, dedicated to the shocking things that children say. Infants and pre-teens wore t-shirts and denim pieces.

Next came the women’s collections.

Clad in black and white and menswear-inspired pieces, models stomped down the runway in the Isabella Blow Series in homage of the hat-donning fashion icon Isabella Blow herself. Herringbone and ruffles combined with checkers made some of the outfits borderline to haute for school and more suitable for a Katy Perry concert.

Wool blend rompers and plaid dresses pranced out on netted-masked models wearing eccentric headpieces that could trump any hat owned by Princess Beatrice. The line, inspired by styles from the 20’s and 30’s, was glamorous with an edge.

Monteiro said to the audience that her other women’s line, the MONARCH Collection, was inspired by Queen Victoria’s mourning period. Black was the predominant color, with hues of gray and lilac progressively making appearances.

The MONARCH Collection can be best described as “slutty” Queen Victoria. The looks were regal, but revealing nonetheless. Flouncy poufs, silk charmeuse, organza and ruffles composed the sheer, fitted clothing the models displayed.

Some outfits were strictly formal and confining, such as the asymmetrical dress or the ballerina pouf dress, while others brought out a sporty kick. One of the dresses was formal from the front, but when the model turned around she revealed a hood in the back to make the dress more casual and fancy-free. Other surprises, such as zippers and pockets, interrupted the royal feel of the line.

Local company A Beautiful Woman, the brainchild of Angelique Wigfall, applied cosmetics for the evening. The make-up artist herself showed the audience the way her cosmetics blend in with upcoming fall and winter looks.

Wigfall said that the models would be wearing muted lips, countered cheeks and bold lashes for a 60’s flair to make everything look “bright, bold and beautiful.” All makeup was made of liquid minerals and was fragrance-free.

“We promote global beauty,” Wigfall said. “We’re more that a brand – we’re a trend-setting movement.”

Michael Roffi of Roffi Salon and Day Spa on Newbury Street coiffered the hair for the show. He said that he envisioned hair from the 20’s and 30’s, with soft waves and neat, fitted strands.

“It’s a very glamorous era,” Roffi said. “I think hair is getting more control. It’s been straight for so long. I think soft movement is coming back.”

“Everything ENAMOUR” earned Boston some fashionable street credit and brought Boston Fashion Week back to the long-lost fashion eras we are all nostalgic for.



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