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UPDATED: Sorority suspended, investigated by BU for alleged hazing

UPDATED March 23, 2:15 p.m. Peter DiDominica, lieutenant detective of the Boston University Police Department, said students called an ambulance for an intoxicated female student on Ashford Street at around 9 p.m. on March 3. BUPD officers later stopped three men taking a second woman down in the area of Malvern Street and Ashford Street. Officers called an ambulance in the second incident.

DiDominica said information came from the investigation being carried out by the Dean of Students office. He could not provide details on when this connection was made.

“We looked back at our records, and we noticed the medical transports,” he said. “The connection was made between those and that reported hazing information.”

BU spokesman Colin Riley said the alleged hazing incident is still under investigation.

Boston University officials suspended the Sigma Delta Tau sorority after an alleged hazing involving alcohol, officials said.

The BU Police Department stopped three men carrying SDT members, who were not identified, down Ashford Street in Allston between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. on March 3, according to the police reported recited by Captain Robert Molloy. The officers called an ambulance for two of the young women, one of whom was reportedly intoxicated.

BUPD received a call from the Dean of Students Office on March 6 about a hazing report stemming from the reported incident.

“We believe it happened off campus,” Molloy said in a phone interview with The Daily Free Press. “We believe it’s a sorority and a fraternity both involved, where alcohol was supplied to sorority sisters.”

The fraternity was not identified by BUPD.

Molloy said BUPD was not aware that the students they sent to the hospital were involved in an alleged hazing for a BU sorority until BUPD received the call on March 6.

BU spokesman Colin Riley said SDT was temporarily suspended shortly before spring break, banning them from conducting any programs or activities as a Greek organization on campus. The sorority is being investigated on the grounds of alleged hazing involving alcohol.

“Hazing is illegal,” he said. “It’s a very serious issue. We need to make a determination, so we take the allegation of hazing very seriously.”

In an email to The DFP addressed to the BU community, Panhellenic Council President Marisa Feehan and Campus Affairs Vice President Juliette Miller, who are both College of Arts and Sciences seniors, said the members involved and the sorority as a whole will be looked at closely and sanctions will be determined from the findings of the investigation.

“Due to the nature of these events, a full investigation is being conducted and potential sanctions will be determined before they will be considered for reinstatement as a recognized student group,” Feehan said.

The DFP obtained an email sent from Feehan to sorority sisters on March 8 from a source who wished to remain anonymous. In the email, Feehan announced SDT was no longer affiliated with BU or the Panhellenic Council.

Feehan stated in the email that SDT was under investigation for “problems arising from risk management” involving a few members.

“This was not an action of the entire chapter, but of a select group of girls,” the email stated. “They by no means reflect the overall character of Sigma Delta Tau and anyone that you may be friends [with] within the chapter.”

Feehan said in a statement to The DFP that the BU Panhellenic Council does not accept any misbehavior involving incidents such as this one.

“The Boston University Panhellenic Council does not condone any behavior that threatens the well-being of any member of Greek Life, and we will not accept the occurrence of such incidents,” she said.

Gina Curreri contributed to the reporting of this article.


  1. You shouldn’t write an article if you don’t have detailed facts. This was clearly not researched well so stop wasting everyone’s time by writing such an article.

  2. i heard them girls dint even go to bu they went to bc. also, whats wrong with hazing, if u dont wanna do it you dont do it!!!

    eat mcdonalds every day 4 lyfe

  3. first off, hazing should never be occurring. it’s strictly forbidden in both national and local chapter bylaws for the sororities and fraternities as well as by the school. aside from that, it serves no purpose. it doesn’t band a pledge class together, nor does it create any happy feelings towards existing brothers or sisters. secondly, i am glad the university is investigating this, though i doubt that this article should have been published before all the facts are known. thirdly, i’d like to say that hazing is not characteristic of all fraternities and sororities on campus and that one should not judge or stereotype greek life as a whole due to this one situation.

  4. This article demonstrates why the Daily Free Press is a completely incompetent organization and no one should turn to it as a source of news.

  5. Why is this news?