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Bon Me food truck opens second truck with prospects of restaurant

Standing in front of the newest food truck in the Bon Me business, Jeremy Waterfall, who works around Boston, said he decided to stop by because a friend recommended it to him.

“A friend of mine told me they had the best Vietnamese sandwiches around town,” Waterfall said.

Bon Me opened a second food truck Tuesday, allowing the business to add shifts and open at new locations, including Belvidere Street, Milk Street and City Hall Plaza.

“It’s very exciting because there’s going to be more storage space and a little bit higher capacity, and also [the new truck] lets us have new shifts in new areas,” said Patrick Lynch, co-owner of Bon Me. “We are going to be able to do more weekend events, so it should be a lot of fun.”

After the Boston lottery system provided Bon Me with two locations near the Prudential and City Hall Plaza, the husband-and-wife team decided to open a new truck to fill their Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday gap, Lynch said.

Belvidere Street was open, he said, but none of the other trucks wanted to be there.

“We thought if we could get it three days a week we should really invest in it and try to sell it off as a site,” Lynch said. “If we stay there for a long time, it would be something we would put a lot of effort into.”

The new truck will be at the old location at Dewey Square for weekday lunch and Cleveland Circle dinner shifts, as well as open markets, he said.

Bon Me’s opening day at its new location had an unexpectedly successful turn out, attracting many new customers, Lynch said.

Since the new location was busy, more workers had to be called in to help out with the truck, he said.

“[The truck] had a pretty good line,” he said. “Usually when we start a new site it’s pretty slow, so it sounds like it turned out well.”

The Belvidere Street location has a different clientele so far, Lynch said.

“It’s not quite as dense as Back Bay – certainly not downtown,” he said. “But then there’s also Northeastern, there’s a lot of traffic along the streets.”

Many of the customers at the Belvidere Street truck were trying out Bon Me for the first time due to the convenience of the new spot.

Solange Garcia, a first-year graduate student at the Boston University Metropolitan College who works at the Huntington Theatre Company, said she heard of Bon Me through word of mouth.

“It’s a nice day . . . and we thought we would give this a shot,” she said.

Garcia said she had no other location to compare with Belvidere Street since this was her first time, but it is fairly convenient for her.

Liz Sullivan, a sophomore at Berklee College of Music, said the truck had a “handy” location. She said she stopped by when she saw the new truck on her way to her apartment.

“I haven’t gone food shopping today, and I was on my way home, so I decided to pick it up,” Sullivan said.

Lynch said the owners plan on expanding Bon Me and turning it into a restaurant sometime in the future.

“We have been looking at restaurants spaces,” he said. “We haven’t finalized anything yet, but we know we are working on a restaurant.”

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