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Charges dropped against Max Nicastro, former BU men’s hockey player

Prosecutors dropped the sexual assault charges made against former Boston University hockey player Max Nicastro at a hearing Friday morning in Brighton District Court.

Hugh Curran, Nicastro’s attorney, said in a statement after the hearing that the decision “speaks volumes” about the case.

“The District Attorney’s office did a thorough and intensive investigation and reviewed numerous witnesses, and they have declined to prosecute Max,” he said.

Nicastro, a former Metropolitan College junior and hockey defenseman, faced charges on two counts of rape stemming from a Feb. 19 incident. He was kicked off the hockey team after his arrest and unenrolled at BU during the court proceedings.

A BU spokesman declined to comment.

Nicastro said in a brief statement after the hearing that he feels “relieved.”

“It’s been a hard road, but I stayed confident,” he said. “My friends and family have been with me this whole time. It’s been okay.”

Assistant District Attorney Holly Broadbent said that after reviewing the evidence the DA’s office determined they would not be able to prove Nicastro guilty beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.

Despite the case being dropped, Broadbent said the DA’s office encourages victims of sexual violence to report incidents.

“We encourage everyone to be aware of sexual assaults, to be aware of sexual violence, to report it when it happens and to support victims of sexual assault,” she said in a phone interview. “Victims of sexual assault should always be encouraged to report it so they can get the assistance that they need.”

Curran said Nicastro’s major priority moving forward is to continue his education.

“He’s three years into a degree from Boston University, and he wants to complete that process,” Curran said. “We can’t make any other comments at this time. These are difficult cases for everybody, and there are no winners.”


  1. Will Max come back to BU or go pro?

  2. BU always seems to have some control over “the process”. Something does not seem right here. If they had probable cause to take him into custody how can there be not enough initial proof to bring him to trial. If there was a lie from the get go will there be criminal or civil action taken against the woman in question? In any case he was drinking, I guess, and “acting out”. Parker should put these guys in “adult day care”. Captain Megan’s remark on tweeter shows he and the rest of the team do not get that the problem is excess drinking that leads to this behavior

    Long time BU Hockey fan

  3. Mr. Curran is wrong about there being no winners in a case like this. This is a big win for woman who lie.