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Designers to look for at Boston Fashion Week

Boston Fashion Week, a week-long celebration and showcase of local and foreign designers, kicks off today with a fashion truck showcase at City Hall Plaza and an opening night gala at the Mandarin Oriental. Although parties and photo shoots will be rampant during the week, this season, Boston Fashion Week will host an eclectic group of designers for the annual designer showcase.


Emily Muller

Of all the designers chosen to present their artwork this season, Emily Muller’s pieces are light and airy, designed in subtle and earthy draped fabrics. Muller’s Spring 2012 fashions included the drawstring skirt, tent dress and chiffon dress. She seamlessly blends comfort and femininity and shows that it does not take squeezing oneself into a curve-hugging bodycon dress to make a woman feel confident and sexy. Muller hails from the South End, and the local designer juxtaposes leather with silk, creates a story and simulates time travel through her textures alone.


Emily Muller – In The TENT at the Mandarin Oriental – 6 p.m. Sun., Sept. 30 – $30


Tatiana Cueva

When looking at Tatiana’s collection, the first thing that comes to mind is the boutique LF. She combines my absolute favorite trend, the ombre effect, with all things sheer, even sheer pants. An innovative designer, she uses vintage belt buckles as skirt closures, adding edge to such an elementary part of design. Tatiana designs for fearless women unafraid of polka-dotted parachute pants and plastic blouses. Involved in every part of the design, pattern making and styling, Tatiana’s cultured personality peeks through but leaves a hint of mystery trailing. Like the ombre effect she so valiantly uses in her designs, Tatiana blends a sultry and mysterious look with structured and feminine silhouettes.

Tatiana Cueva – In The TENT at the Mandarin Oriental –2 p.m. Sept. 30 -$30


Mark Cordell

Mark Cordell brings just the kind of edge that a city like Boston needs. Sure, he’s a fan of the color black and there’s nothing more this city needs than a pop of color, but his is a smoky, moody black with a mysterious, studded aura. As a fan of harem pants and fully decorated male models, Cordell combines rock and gothic elements with a stinging sense of rebellion. His collection, Tru Fiction, represents an attitude I would love to see in this city — pure individualism.


Mark Cordell – In The TENT at the Mandarin Oriental – 4 p.m Sept. 30 – $30


Victoria Dominguez-Bagu

Victoria Dominguez-Bagu of mariavictoria designs dresses for women of structure and class.

Her pieces, most of solid color, reflect a type of simplicity that can only be achieved with professionally tailored designs mixed with a dash of the Ritz — wide-legged trousers, a plunging V-neck dress and a yellow trench coat over a casual black dress. Quiet hues and classic designs allow the designer to stay focused on improving her skill, which she certainly has over recent years.


Victoria Dominguez – In The TENT at the Mandarin Oriental – 8 p.m. Sat., Sept. 29 — $30

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