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Third Brookline robbery victim approached at Knyvet Park

A police report on the latest robbery in Brookline shows a 22-year-old man had his iPhone, keys and wallet stolen after a young black male with braces approached him at about 5:10 p.m. on Friday, showing him a black handgun and saying he wanted everything.

The Brookline Police Department responded at 5:10 p.m. on Friday to St. Paul Street and Thatcher Street for an armed robbery, according to a Brookline PD report.

Boston University spokesman Colin Riley confirmed the victim was a recent BU graduate, and said the Boston University Police Department and the Brookline PD are increasing their patrols.

The victim was walking back to his car from exercising at Knyvet Park when he noticed the three men, but he paid no attention to them, the report stated.

“[The victim] stated he had noticed three black males sitting on the stairs at 59 Thatcher St. as he was walking towards his car,” the report stated. “He stated he did not pay any special attention to these individuals, but did notice them.”

One of the men, who had braces and wore a red sweatshirt and white T-shirt, then approached the victim, who asked the suspect what he wanted.

The suspect told him, “everything.”

“At this time the suspect took a black handgun out from his waist and showed it to [the victim],” the report stated. “[The victim] stated the suspect did not point the weapon at him at any time during this incident.”

The victim said he was in fear at this time, according to the report, and emptied his pockets.

“It was at this point that [the victim] gave the suspect his keys, iPhone and wallet,” the report stated.

The wallet contained a Massachusetts operator’s license, a debit card, a credit card and $22.

The suspect then told the victim to “get outta here,” the report stated.

The victim ran down the street, used a pedestrian’s cell phone to call 911 and saw a Boston University Police Department cruiser and flagged it down. He was with two BUPD officers when Brookline PD arrived.

“[The victim] stated the last known direction of flight of the suspects was west on Thatcher St. towards Pleasant St.,” the report stated.

All three were described as black males, early to mid teens, the one with the handgun wearing a red sweatshirt with a white t-shirt, another wearing a gray sweatshirt and another wearing a white sweatshirt, the report stated.

The victim’s keys were later recovered in the area of Thatcher Street and Pleasant Street next to the Dexter Park apartments.

The incident is the third armed robbery in a span of about two weeks, the other two involving BU students as victims.

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  1. The report should be edited, there is no 59 Thatcher Street, there is only 61 and 55 Thatcher. Scary, there’s a daycare center literally right there where this occurred.