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SG slate BetterBU wins unopposed election

Boston University Student Government slate BetterBU won the executive board elections Monday with about 1,100 undergraduates, or about  7 percent, of the undergraduate population voting for each candidate, Student Elections Commission, officials said.

The candidates of BetterBU will become SG’s executive board for the spring 2013 semester.

Aditya Rudra, SG executive vice president and School of Management junior, won the position of president for the spring of 2013 with 1,134 votes. About 215 students voted for write-in candidates.

Lauren LaVelle, an SMG junior, won executive vice president with 1,174 votes, while 164 students voted for write-in candidates. Justin Jones, an SMG junior, won vice president of finance with 1,162 votes, while 159 votes went to write-ins. College of Arts and Sciences freshman Jasmine Miller won vice president of internal affairs with 1,192 votes, while 156 votes went to write-ins.

BetterBU ran unopposed, making this the second unopposed SG election. The current SG e-board won an unopposed election in April.

Each candidate in last spring’s winning slate, Be Unleashed, won about 1,300 votes, less than 10 percent of the 2011-12 undergraduate population, according to an April 25 Daily Free Press article.

BetterBU will serve a special single term from January to May after SG voted in October to hold a special election. In May of 2013, the election cycle will revert to an academic-year term where e-board members serve from May to May.

BetterBU ran on a platform of halting tuition hikes, establishing a holiday bus system and increased communication between SG and other organizations on campus.

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