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Spaz out

BC sucks!

But you already knew that.

The school confirmed that they don’t play so good this past weekend when they dismissed head football coach Frank Spaziani.

Spaziani led a dismal couple of seasons as head coach, bottoming out at a 22-29 record with the Eagles. Spaziani had been with BC for 16 years, head coach for the last four years. In each of those seasons, the Eagles lost progressively more games.

The guys at Chestnut Hill Community College won just six football games over the past two seasons

Newly minted Athletic Director Brad Bates stated the obvious.

‘’This is a very performance-based business,’’ Bates said at a news conference Sunday. ‘’Ultimately, winning and losing make a great deal of difference.’’

He’s so qualified for that position. Really seems to know what he’s doing.

Sarcasm aside, he actually is.

Former BC Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo was the moron who forced former, winning coach Tom O’Brien out the door.

DeFilippo hired Spaz after a career as an assistant coach. When DeFilippo abruptly retired before the season, Spaz must have seen the writing on the wall.

The BC football program went to 12 straight bowl games from 1999 to 2010. O’Brien coached from 1997 to 2006. See a correlation?

O’Brien then went to N.C. State to coach.

I wonder how he’s doing.



On the same day?


Would Tom O’Brien walk back through that door? Or would it even be a good idea for BC to let that happen?

I don’t think it’s a good call.

Spaziani was 65 years old this season. O’Brien will be 65 next season.

Go get your AARP cards and hang it up, gentlemen.

BC needs to inject a younger, more in-touch presence in that locker room with a head coach if they want to have any chance of turning things around.

With the plethora of candidates, it’s silly to toss names around less than 48 hours after the Spaz was shown the door.

One thing to think of, though, is that Bates came to BC from the Mid-Atlantic Conference at Miami of Ohio. Does he have anybody in mind that he encountered during his time there?

Bates needs to realize that this isn’t currently an elite program. He shouldn’t be hiring people for a lifetime appointment as head coach.

Rather, he should shop around and look for somebody who is ready to gain some credit and begin a rebuilding process.

BC is a good stepping stone along the way for a coach with higher aspirations. A rotation of a few guys over a five to seven year span, with careful watch from Bates, could help shake up the program.

What does an intelligent BC player have to say about this?

Junior receiver Bobby Swigert really admired his coach.

“I have a lot of respect for the guy. He was a huge reason why I came here,’’ Swigert said. “I love the guy … He knows the game of football. He gave however many years to BC. You have to respect that, and I do.’’

Sounds like it.

“However many” ways you try to say it.

You’re at the school because they gave you a nice scholarship package to play football. They aren’t winning, partially because of Spaziani, and that means NFL scouts aren’t looking twice at you. Cut the pleasantries. Now that he’s gone, maybe you have a shot.

Patience is a virtue, BC fans.

You don’t have a 2–10 season and then turn it around into a Bowl season the next year.

But you should be hopeful, maybe a younger, new coach could turn it around.

But right now, BC fans, you still suck.


  1. 1) BU doesn’t have a football program….
    2) Or a real campus….
    3) Or a hockey team that can beat us………
    4) “Chestnut Hill Community College?” Which school has better academics?? Thought so.

    Also, this article is terribly written. Just proves that it truly does Suck to BU.

  2. That’s some big talk from someone who goes to a school whose football team was SO BAD they had to dismantle it.

  3. You don’t write “so good”

  4. I almost suggested BC fold their football program, too.

    My writing style aims to engage the readers, even those Eagles who are glued to the Freep.

    But, alas, as we all know, those who comment on stories are always right.

  5. Not sure that copying and pasting from the articles written on the topic over the past few days and sandwiching it between a couple slices of “BC Sucks” constitutes a “writing style,” but to each his own, I suppose.