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Administration halts gender-neutral housing

Boston University administration indefinitely shut down Student Government’s initiative to instate gender-neutral housing at BU, said SG Advocacy Department Director Caitlin Seele at Sunday’s meeting.

Seele, a School of Management junior, said the administration told SG officials with a number of other pressing housing issues, gender-neutral housing is no longer a top priority and will not be implemented in 2012.

Administration officials told SG that ensuring no freshmen live in Danielsen Hall and creating more on-campus housing for transfer students are the administration’s current points of focus, Seele said.

SG received about 2,000 student responses in support of the initiative and about 700 student signatures, Seele said.

After years of advocating for gender-neutral housing, SG announced in October gender-neutral housing was passed and would be available as a housing option at an unspecified future date.

“It’s important to note that we’ve really gone through the proper channels to get this done,” said Luke Rebecchi, SG associate director of social affairs and College of Arts and Sciences junior, during the meeting. “At the finish line for them to just stop the race, that’s just not okay.”

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