Final Word: A letter from the editor

Part of me refuses to believe it’s been nearly two years since I first stepped foot into the office in the back of 648 Beacon St. As a freshman, I was eager to get my stories on the front page in hopes that one day I would join the ranks of those quoted in the walls of The Daily Free Press’ newsroom.

Fast forward a few semesters and I have a desk to call my own amid the quote-ridden walls. In this short time I’ve called FreeP my home, I feel as though I’ve seen it all. I was lucky enough to witness The FreeP’s coverage of Occupy Boston, the Men’s Ice Hockey Task Force and a number of developments this year, including the New Zealand accident, the Brookline armed robberies and most recently students’ push for gender-neutral housing options on campus.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing passionate reporters rise to the occasion when news breaks, no matter how difficult or time consuming. We’ve all had our fair share of Bertucci’s rolls and, some would argue, our fair share of sleepless nights. But I find that it’s all worth it when I witness the BU community come together in times of adversity and loss, or when we report on students’ push for more inclusive housing options despite the administration’s decision.

My term as editor-in-chief had an early and unforeseen start, to say the least, but it enabled me and many others at The FreeP to reexamine our coverage and our  relationship with students. Despite the challenges I’ve encountered, I’m glad that I had the opportunity to reassess things and work to build a better future for the publication so many of us have come to love. And we’ve had a number of high points too, from improving breaking news coverage, to the expansion of our online section.

I leave the office today feeling grateful for everyone who has contributed to the publication, from the writers who file three stories a week, to those at the forefront of the online team. I’m grateful for associates who push their other commitments aside for the sake of accurate and compelling reporting, for those who sacrifice summer vacation, class time and sleep. I leave the office today with the reassurance that every semester will bring new improvements.

It’s been a fun semester, but it’s time that I take a good long look at my quotes on the wall and enjoy one last roll from Bertucci’s. Happy FreePend.

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