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Fake Smoke

Some craze over the electronic cigarette, or “E-Cigarette”— the personal vaporizer purportedly better for one’s health than the traditional model — has resurfaced. It’s been widely recognized that the PV could potentially serve as a healthy method for a smoking individual to quit smoking.

ADP HealthInsights, in a recent viral promotion of the e-cigarette brand “E-Cig,” reports that e-cigs boast a number of benefits. First, they use no tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide or ash. As a result, they do not smell. They provide the same amount of nicotine as a regular cigarette — additionally, they are cheaper. As an added perk, they come in different flavors. Finally, they present virtually no risk of getting cancer, because while they do provide a nicotine dose, studies have shown that nicotine is as (un)harmful to one’s health as caffeine.

They look like a real cigarette, too.

But would smokers make the switch? It depends. Smokers not looking to quit smoking will most likely ignore the trend. Some students say that the e-cig provides a different smoking experience entirely, beginning with the fact that its smoke is cold and not hot. That being said, the electronic cigarette does not provide a viable alternative for the smoker wishing to achieve the regular cigarette experience. Besides, its vapor is unnatural.

However, for smokers wishing to lead a healthier lifestyle, the e-cig could serve as a good start towards quitting. It provides the nicotine rush — leaving smokers with no need to go buy a pack of Camel Wides — but supposedly eliminates any risk of cancer. The e-cig could also perhaps serve as an alternative for those wishing to try nicotine as a drug without putting their health in serious danger.

But is inhaling nicotine without attached dangers really “quitting”? Nicotine, an addictive drug, is what makes quitting smoking hard in the first place. If the addiction remains, why market the e-cig as a means for quitting smoking?


  1. I don’t think it’s a way to quit smoking. You are still smoking after all. But it’s more about replacing a habit with a healthier one. But it’s easier to eventually quit using electronic cigarettes. You don’t have to smoke a full cigg, you can just take a puff when you feel the need is big.

  2. I just phoned Southwest airlines and asked about my ecig. The lady I spoke with was not aware of what is was. She checked their list of prohibited items and ecigs are not on that list. She stated that electronic items of all sorts (ipods, etc.) are allowed so she did not see an issue. I think I can make it on a 2 hour flight without it so will probably just pack it in my checked bag in its box containing all paperwork I received when I purchased it just to be on the safe side. Any other suggestions?

  3. Mmm, it’s like chicken bog meets bacon breakfast!!! Looks fantastic!

  4. Yes, tell everyone you know to search on the web for e-cigarettes to
    see how huge this industry is, and how large the market is for these wonderful products is.
    What p*sses me off, though, are the increasing number of posts in the media saying how deadly they are.
    Apparently Big Pharma – the producers of quit-smoking little helpers are backing an anti e-cig smear campaign – less so the tobacco companies (as you might think) – as many
    cigarette manufacturers are starting to secretly manufacture them.
    I can FEEL the health gains of e cigs. Just complaining – that there is always some reason with large corporations trying to censure e cigarettes .

    .. our country’s politicos should do a lot more too. This makes me cross. Thanks Fake Smoke | The Daily Free Press.

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