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EDIT: “Are you a jerk who wants to share your sexual conquests?”

If so, you’re in luck. There’s an app for that, one that TechCrunch has rated the “Douchebag App of the Year.” The Facebook of sexual encounters — “Share your romantic encounters with your closest friends,” it advertises before asking for a user’s email — it’s called Playbook, and it allows users to upload and rate pictures of their romantic conquests with their chums.

But not only can Playbook users rate their experiences, thereby rating the individuals with whom they shared them — which, we all know, is a natural thing to do with or without an app — they can also indicate how far they went with the significant (or insignificant) other (first base, etc.), consequently allowing any friends who follow your sexual progress to judge and publicly comment on your so-called “play.” Classy.

The main thing we’re asking is, “What’s the point?” You can already text your friends, Facebook message your friends — heck, you can talk to your friends in person and avoid the potentially destructive permanence that accompanies Internet-based communication — and more likely than not, you’re going to rate what you’re telling your friends about in the process as well. Why document this more than we already do? More specifically, why give a company (that is, the group of young developers who created Playbook) access to your sex life? Whatever you say will stay somewhere in cyberspace. Someone somewhere (a future employer, maybe?) will have access to your cheap romance and raunchy pictures. Your words could easily come back to haunt you.

In most cases — though admittedly we rarely adhere to this wisdom — the dirty details of your life in the bed sheets are best not transcribed on the Internet. Remember when you thought SnapChat was safe? Remember to think twice.

So far the app caters to “bro” figures, but according to TechCrunch, Playbook’s creators are working to make the app more gender-neutral. Will the app be as appealing to females? Time will tell. And that’s not to say that all males find the app to be particularly luring. In fact, while it’s unkind to rate your piece of meat from the night before to your friends, it’s all the more worse to do so to the cyber public by downloading an app for it.

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