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Students pleased by new Terrier Card website

After the Terrier Card Office announced its new website via email Wednesday, Boston University students said the new Terrier Card Center and Laundry Web site is a more efficient alternative to the Student Link.

“It is nice that the website is new and streamlined because a lot of things on the Student Link have not been updated in a while,” said Jeremy Weprich, a College of Arts and Sciences sophomore. “A new website that is fully functional is more convenient.”

Students received an email Wednesday from the TCO announcing the new Terrier Card website, which consolidates tools for updates on laundry, meal plans, dining points and other balance information.

“I would remember to go to [the new] website if I have needs related to the Terrier Card,” Weprich said.

BU spokesman Colin Riley said the site has been functioning for some time, but TCO decided to make a formal announcement Wednesday.

New features include allowing students to view their payment history on Dining and Convenience Points and the ability to report a Terrier Card lost or stolen, Riley said.

“You can see your spending history and where you’re using your plans,” he said. “You can also change your settings for notifications, for instance, to notify you if there has been a charge on your card services.”

Riley said the new Terrier Card website also provides a tool that checks the status of laundry machines and driers in BU dormitories.

“That [tool] is really important, especially on days that are busy,” said Rei Hawkins, a CAS freshman, about the laundry tracker. “You have to go downstairs and check, then go back upstairs, get your clothes, and then go back down again — it saves you a couple of trips and time.”

Demi DeSalvo, a Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences sophomore, said the site makes it easier to view options regarding points, meals plans and payment histories from a smart phone.

“I have been going on Student Link, and it’s really hard to get onto on your phone — and even your computer — just to check meals and points,” she said. “It takes so much longer to go through all those tags, and you have to reenter your information multiple times.”

DeSalvo said the new website saves time because information from multiple places on the Student Link is now complied on one page.

Laura Wong, a CAS sophomore, said she is pleased she no longer needs to cycle through multiple tabs on the Student Link now that her Terrier Card information is all on one page.

“I always find myself wondering the number of dining points and meals I have,” Wong said. “If you can view everything on your phone, it makes it a lot more convenient and efficient.”

Margaret Waterman contributed to the reporting of this article.

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