City Crime Logs: Assault and battery

The following reports were taken from the Allston-Brighton D-14 crime logs from Feb. 7 to Feb. 12.

Assault and battery

Police officers responded to a fight at about 2:30 a.m. at 161 Brighton Ave on Friday morning. On the way to the scene, officers witnessed a man stomp a victim in the head as he was lying on the ground in front of Redneck’s Roast Beef restaurant, located at 140 Brighton Ave. The victim was unconscious and bleeding from the head when an officer first approached him. The victim later began bleeding more profusely and vomiting as the ambulance arrived to take him to Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Another officer stopped the suspect and one of his companions at the corner of Harvard and Brighton Avenue as they were trying to leave the scene. The suspect was then placed under arrest for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Pop, pop, pop that tire

At about 9:10 p.m. Monday, police responded to a call at 10 Leamington Rd. for a vehicle vandalism report. A witness stated that he was shoveling snow on the sidewalk when he heard a popping sound followed by the sound of a tire deflating. When he looked in the direction of the sound, he observed a brown-haired man move to the other side of the vehicle and make the popping sound again near the left rear tire with a knife. When the witness approached the man, he recognized him as a neighbor that he had previously confronted about throwing snow off of his car to the shoveled sidewalk. When the police were notified, they were unable to locate both the suspect and the owner of the vehicle.

Who are you?

A woman observed an unknown man in her house, located at 28 Cummings Road, at about 4:38 a.m. Sunday. The woman told officers that the man had entered her room while she was asleep and apologized for waking her before closing the door and leaving the room.  She continued to hear his footsteps outside, grabbed a knife and asked him why he was in her house. He stated that he was there with his friends, even though he had no friends that lived in the house. The woman called her other roommate and the police, who arrived to find the man on the first floor of the house. He was putting on scarves and a jacket that did not belong to him. When the officers confronted him, he said that he was in the house with friends and that he walked into the house. However, when the officers first arrived at the house the front door was locked.

Editor’s note: As of July 18, 2013, headlines of crime logs were taken down as per new policy.

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